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The name's Dayv. I really like to draw and I have too many ideas in this head of mine. I am a huge fan of Youtubers (mainly Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, as well as Pewdiepie and a few non-gamers) and I enjoy Homestuck.
I'm fairly new to the whole digital drawing stuff, but I've been reading webcomics for a while now and hope to create my own someday.
I use a Wacom tablet and FireAlpaca. For now.
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forgot about this one
fuckink dooschbags
yeah haha I totally forgot about that thing
I don't even know why I updating this anymore
u bitch
@Solaire: ive praised the sun many with my asshole
Deviann Aert is greAT
If you don't know who Solar Sands is, you should check him out.
He's worth the time :P

And yeah, I've managed to avoid most of that,,, stuff, but I just wanted to make fun of DA haha
'S Been A While
I've been out and about, doing other things for a while. Since my friend Nick wanted an update, I drew the first thing that came to mind.

You like Pokémon, right?
Well, if not, too bad

Im Back Once More
I don't really care, I just needed an idea to go with the expression on the bottom panel and that's what came to mind.
My channel:

Not to flaunt it, but. It's relevant.
I only post speedpaints, so don't worry about any teenage girl life ramble/vlogs.

Their channel:

Sorry this only had like, three panels. I've been focused on said YT channel as of late
yaeh my computer was ded
I've had a virus for a while and haven't been able to upload comics aha
Sorry 'bout that y'all.
I'll update it soon, maybe, or maybe Ill let it die. Who knows.
This One Was Late
Sorry about that. Yall probably wouldve barely noticed anyways.
I Love Naps
Whenever I sleep I like to think of gay guys.
But whenever its nighttime and the shit i had to do is done
I cant sleep man
What do
Oh my god
It motherflippign halloween bro
Yeah its a piece of shit again but I was working on something and my sleep schedule is fucked and Im uploading this early so???
Have fun with that
Why There Isnt
Because I was very tired and couldn't think of anything. I was in a bad mood and I'm sure no one really wants me to go into it so I'll just say my sorries and be on my way.
There'll be one on Wednesday, though.
I Am Sick and Tired
This will be one of those little series things. I don't know what to call them but God I'm tired and I don't really care right now so goodnight
Don't Worry
Everyone will be introduced eventually. For now it will mostly be those four men, with frequent appearances of the emo at the bottom and the crack addict who wants to marry her gloves.
Another One
Okay, here's the second panel.
When I saw this scene in one of my classes I thought hey. I'm gonna draw this. And I did. I didn't have any other ideas at the moment.
Now I'm keeping an idea journal. Hopefully it'll do me good.
(Also, Nick, if you ever see this...
No, the guy with a faux-hawk is not you. Dummy.)
I am pretty excited about this comic tbh
First One
Well, here we go. I hope that as I go into high school I will get better at this.
I don't expect a lot of praise immediately, by the way.