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This page is really good. Their pose in the first panel is fantastic and I like the shading on the second one as well. The fall is really good too.

Run before his face ends up hitting your crotch. *facecrotch*
I hope you cheated with those trees or else my pride will be forever shattered.

And I love the second panel. As well as Cain's... well his whole being I suppose, in the last panel.
I love you Kangel.

Oh, Cover, right. PRETTYFUL.

They are... youthful. And DELICIOUS WORMS.
Ehhh... I've been a bad fan... so slow to check updates.

I think you did a wonderful job drawing the mother, she looks very pretty. And I definitely see the family resemblance.

I definitely think the facial expressions on this page are fantastic, and I like the eyes on this page especially.

Eh the guest Katy is right... Furax's finger is a bit disconcerting.

When I'm feeling especially lazy with panels I stop and take a break... and that turns into a week... and than I go back to it. It means forever between updates, but also better quality pages.
Eh hello, I did this page. I hope you like it, sorry I took so long. And sorry for the 3rd panel. Johnny is NOT fun for me to draw.
Hayden. ILU.

Mars is so cute in that second to last panel!

I'm current againnnn. :D I keep missing your updates... but I finalllly saw it on my favvv list~


Hey Mars, aren't you uncomfortable being so closed to Dio? You should scoot to your right a little to get away from him... ^_-
HE WAS SO CUTE... when he was little.

He's pretty cute when he grows up too...

So umm... I already know Furax was messed up but if he wanted a dog and he uses his new pet like this... then he's more messed up than I thought.*brick'd*

Sorry... I have lots of energy. I shouldn't be allowed around marshmallow peeps.

Anywho, I think you did a great job on the last panel. When I get to the last panel I usually get realllllly lazy.

my chest hurts in anticipation.

You know what sucks? When you promise something and then your life wisks you 320
miles away from where you need to be... *is working on the comic now*

God, I feel like a bad person. TTATT

EDIT: I finished it for you. *hug* Because I was that happy for a comic page. Because you are awesome.

*is a fan of the hayden/mars ship*

I've been so busy lately prepping to tech a musical. *sigh* I just got back from opening night.

AND THE PAGE: I really like it! ALOT.

THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME. Therefore I must update myself... *runs off to draw* GUH. I do not like drawing action scenes...
Ah. You return! That is exciting. I feel like updating now.

Which seems to happen alot when you post... hmmm.

We welcome back! I look forward to the new version!
I like the way Tonic is standing when he barges through the door... and this is page of win... just like all the others.
Annnd~ Ren walks in. And watches them. Actually, that would be weird, and really funny.

Great page.
Sigh. Made of win.


Grats Maggie, You virginity theif!!

Sexysexypage. *happyfais*