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I never know what to write in these...
I love this.
I've been sick all weekend and luckily haven't been sneezing. Then as soon as I read Jura sneezing, I did the same 8C
Thank you for that.
LOL no I really love this page ;O Oh how far your art has comee
broo you should try to find a illustudio.
My friend has it and it rocks so hardcore.
It's like taking the awesome coloring from sai and adding in all the awesome stuff from photoshop with a little mangastudio mixed in.
I want it so bad *o*
But I can't find it for mac-- :C
February 24th, 2011
I'd tap her.
February 24th, 2011
holy shit the music scared me. I thought my ituns popped up and started playing the pillows ;O
But it was just your comic. and I love it 8C
I just can't tell you how much your art has improved since you began ;O
You're so amazing.
February 3rd, 2011
If sex could explode it would be his hair.

Also every time I hear (--read) the name Rufio I think of Hook.
Oh gosh.
This is so amazing. I love Herz's new look ohbaby. lmao

But omfg I could never play that game. I would start crying.
I almost start crying when I'm playing minecraft LMAO.
I get scared super easy.
"Oh god this cav is dark. GOD I'M SCARED" "You have it on peaceful mode, no monsters are going to come out" "BUT WHAT IF IT GLITCHES? IT'S STILL BETA AHH"
No matter if it's dead. it will stay in my heart; and my favorites forever.
Herz was the cutest fucking baby ever 8C
Now if my child looked like that I would actually want to go through child birth ad pop something out of my vag.
I mean sure it looks a bit like a slug at first.
But look at that demonic drooling face.
Who couldn't ove that thing?

Besides look at what it grew up to be ;O

Oh Milky. You and your sexy characters.

BTW that fanart is much love.
Boy Time?

lmao this is the most sexiest thing ever.
I love herz's face and Alex's ears <333
Happy Holidayss! ;O
And stay Algebraic my friend.
Ohgoodness /grabs cheeks and does kissy-faceI'm so happy I looked at my updates for a second time.
Don't punch him again Haru 8C
That right there is some intense titty-grabbing.

Also I love your icon so much.
I was just telling my friend of the wonders of Eldorado.
October 25th, 2010
I would buy this comic no doubt.
Your art is so gorgeous.
That bra thing's probably really dirty by now considering she's never taken it off.
what a dick indeed. /catcalls
;u; This is like one of those Sunday Afternoon Specials.