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AllE K.
From the mists of time there once emerged an entity of astounding intellect and immense power, that existed for the sole purpose of ruling all creation.

of course, that's not me. I'm a normal person. I sit, and feed my muse on cheap energy bars, neil gaiman novels, and insane sci-fi/fantasy brain twisters, and then, every once in a while, i write or draw something. I've read more than my share of manga, and watched more than my share of anime, and drawn enough that taking out a recycle bin of old sketchbooks would be too much work, and i simply leave them in stacks to rot.

My twisted mind is influenced by many authors, not the least of which include; Terry pratchett, Tanya Huff, Anne McAffrey, Tamora Pierce, Neil Gaiman, Megan Whalen Turner, Isaac Asimov, and many many more.

I also enjoy yaoi. yes. well. *ahemcough*


luvs, AllE K.

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oh! he are like HO SCHNIT!!!!!!

i LOVE your comic commentary here...XD naru and sasu are so totally gay for each other......they are gay like j-rockers....except they're ninjas instead.......yeah

that made perfect sense.


luvs, ALlE K.

i only feel marginnaly sorry for him....i'd make the guys i know do something like that.....XD

your comic rawks, dude.

luvs, ALlE K.
OH! NO! i made it to the most recent i have to WAIT for this amazingly awesome comment....;_;

luvs, AllE K.
me applauds her
yes, we, his imaginary friends listen very closely. ^^
I laughed out loud at 'Fab'.

and my old man came in and asked me what was wrong.

and i told him 'HETERO IS WRONG! except for ME!'
Ha! i said EXACTLY the same thing.

you're a genius at editing the backgrounds in. ^^
'vagina person' and 'for daniel only'

*dies laughing*

*laughing zombie*
XD and even before i read that panel, that song had already started playing in my head....

but...he's not emo anymore! i'll have to do it myself! *listens to afi*
aww...poor satoshi-deprived soon-to-be-fanboy.

he should read yaoi. D.N.Angle is solely slashable, and that can be boring. romantical.

but not as romantical as the roofotop. which i forgot to comment on...XO
dude. twould be AWESOME to shit stars.
...I LOVE THIS NEW KID!!!!! *cracks up*
ani-transformatin......please don't make him and otaku!!!!!! *clasps hands*
whoa...they even stereotype themselves. *chuckle*
XD exact same difference
...but it DOES make me feel better. see?

the hurting feels better...0.o confuzzeling myself.
hee hee...lost in translation

*clap clap clap*

if you don't need it, don't do it. ^^ YAY!