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Call me Butcher.
A account createt in honour to KEY,
A while long a Critic Finding the Top Five of Smackjeeves.
Now given That up and using my germanatic and noveltastic Latin-and-Mathematics teacher Powers to author a Comic. AND: It started exactly a Year after I discovered Smackjeeves!
Cool, aint it, and coincidential?

You can ask me if you have problems with Storylines, language or logik and so on, I am glad to help anyone.

BTW: My age is fake. I am nineteen for some years now...

PS: Loverofpiggies is mean to me... She banned me from commenting although I always say how good everything is, but once I tell her she's whiney she gets mad...
And I said a single Panel of her +500 Page Comic sucks and she totally freaks out...
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You could have posted a DA Journal about your return.

*Dances* *Students look at him* Well, I am happy guys, something I waited 10 Months for returned today!
*sits back down and looks seriously*
And Yes of course it seems boring, because it is not fit to be released like a webcomic, but once it is finished and complete it will be awesome.
I am glad I checked my Smackjeeves favorites(for the first time... ever? normally I have the tabs of my 4 fav's always open.) while sitting through this Exam.
This are as stated previously needed scenes. And about the Sacrifice thing: I wonder if it is Sacrifice like the olden times or sacrifice like in the Satanic Bible.
*Goes to prowl the Hall in search of Cheating students*
#EDIT: And I have Kept the Tab with K-E-Y open non stop since I first saw it, and only three weeks ago I closed it.
Yes I go to school, and teach Math, Physic(Or Science as Americans would say) and Latin.
This Comic is win...
It should have been: "In a minute we will begin chapter four."
Well, I gotta say that just was an awesome chapter.
Joey killed his Sister?
A Daemon dies if it Cries?
Nah, that can't be it, I am sure Kole Cried before... Poison them with their lovers blood?
Lorelei was a girl. Once upon a Time she sat upon a Rock at the River Elbe in Saxony. She was of such a stunning beauty that a boatman just looked at her and didn't notice he was driving right into the rock. Nobody survived due to the dangerous currents. The Rock was Called Lorelei ever after. In time this turned into a myth and later a famous Poet Heinrich Heine sang a song about her. It's one of the myths of my Heimat.
First CommenT!
This as an epic page.
I dunno how you did it, but this Page generates so much tension I can only think about waiting for the next one...
Y'know, isn't it pretty arrogant to call himself best and takuya second-best?
C'mon guys. It is really hard to make a scene like this not ridiculous.
And Piglord managed this.
The only problem and the thing which he could have made better is update the whole chapter at once.(Which would mean not updating for a while at all in preparation.)
Because if you read it in one go in a dark room it gives of an awesome effect of extreme horror. I don't remember a better version of this.
Congratulation Piggy for turning obvious into awesome.
Also I believe Joeys Aura of Evil made running away impossible, like a bunny in headlights.
Val... You are a mercenary... Nobody dies this fast.
HE IS NOT DEAD YET! He is Playing dead. Or has left this body on his own accord. He is a daemon, and YOU have no Idea what they are and can (although you F***** one... shame on you)
So Slash away some more on him and run or just run, in any case you shouldn't idle.
And kaitous is right, so you won't mind me not repeating this.
On the other hand, Val you are still a bit shocked(BAD mercenary) so idle some more, because if you don't Matthew will probably die.
Ιρεαλλι Λικε τηις ονε
Oops I mean I really like this one OMG!!! There is a life before death!!!
Are there more than one?
If so what about Eviloverlordrule 63: "My minions will have an attire in which their faces are clearly visible, as well as a Nametag with Photo, so no Hero will be able to just steal an uniform."
Btw, Who was the one who remembered K-E-Y's Birthday?
Plox Post in the Authors Comments, so Ppl will vote for K_E_Y.
Post a Button or something with this link:
Everyone who thinks K-E-Y is great, click on this Link. You can Vote once a day.
You could make a voting button next to the next button, or post this link in the author comments.
About Saikano: Read. It.
I do not lightly praise things.
But I PRAY to Saikano.
Yeah, Matthew is SO getting his Butt kicked.
And I Found the awesomest Manga ever:
Do not read anything about the Comic beforehand, and make a pause after everyone of the first tree chapters.
I don't say that lightly, you know.
Woot. I just found a really great Comic to match K-E-Y...
It is absolutely K-E-Ytastic You shouldn't obtain any information before you start reading, and you should make long breaks after chapters 1 2 3 and 9 before you continue reading.
OMG its lovy dovy, its emotional, funny lots of Drama It is ACTION(but not too much) it's Sci-Fi AND Slice of life... it's ... IT IS FREAKING K-E-Y!!!
I would never have dreamed of finding a story as good as yours.
And I Want a WTF Do Co Mo. It's effin Cute! And totally evil!(You'll find out in chapter 12 Pg 1)
EDIT: Oh My God... this Comic is so DAMN Good... It is totally deepminded... AND funny AND sad.
EDIT: IMPORTANT Plox register K-E-Y here Citrus

EDIT: I finished it... I had to Force myself to make pauses, I couldn't really eat. It is a Masterpiece jet unparalleled.
I feel a really sad kind of emptiness.
It is so sad... I have to read the first chapter again and tell myself it is the end after that.
Yup, you'll keep me. If you update soon.. Elsewise I will move it to my Check-again-sometime-list, and it may be a month till I check them again...