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May 18th, 2017
@Holle: nether it will be stopped
May 18th, 2017
@Holle: this should be intresting
@The "Other": looks like that way also sorry for the wait i was sleeping im also about to stream.
@The "Other": i like your art its divine there's not much for the story right now but i'm sure its going to be good
hmm seems interesting
i don't know why this story interests me so much there is only 1 other story that interests me more. anyway good job with that Nora
May 10th, 2017
@Holle: yay cat fight can we bet money
this should be interesting
@Arcane Allusion: sorry i over do it sometimes
@plushtrap: nothing you just said made any seance to me
am i the only one think of the The Little Mermaid when seeing this page.
@PastaFearFactory: yeah its detail is getting better and better and I've been reading since chapter 1 page 3 and been keeping up to date
@motli: got cha
everything about this story is interesting so far.
@sharkbaitsenpai: i don't know why but i wouldn't mind hearing the details about how you came up with the story and why he is watching him in the first place
@motli: i can't imagine this as a BL also that's not bad it means its no obvious
@triforce fandom: sorry i even do YouTube
and here comes the bromance yay
@RedBettaBirb: no problem really interesting. also if you don't mind me asking why did youtube subscribers
@triforce fandom : hmm pretty goodsorry it took awhile i was sleeping ill also need to stream in a hour