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@HalfBloodA7: if you say so.

Also i sent you a direct message just in case you didn't know
sorry i wasn't there much for the second stream i fell asleep it was 7 am and i didn't sleep that whole night
@HalfBloodA7: well you can't rush perfection
hmm ill take its a test to see if he is worthy or something like that.
@Colourbee: Thx for that story it was great to read im looking forward to your next work Acception.
sweet new story thx Nora best of luck for this one.
@AnniFlamma: no its not sorry its Neka Neko whit a art styled pic
@AnniFlamma: thx Anna if you don't mind me calling you that i am going to be doing a vid/stream with these youtubers called Trickster512 and Tommync2010 so yeah not looking to bad also not to far from 100 subs.
@motli: to this day the song i find the most emotional and uplifting is Everything's Alright- Laura Shigihara
@nogsaegtokki: i have been reading this comic since it started and i'm loving it. and the art style is cute.
@motli: huh interesting music not good but not bad. story getting interesting
nice cover looks cool Nora.
@LittleMissWissy: congrats on finishing school.
@AnniFlamma: yeah i understand. i do youtube and i don't get many views on my streams and i just keep thinking all long roads havee a light at the end.
@qekkon: no problem.
@PastaFearFactory: up to you lets just see where it go's also no prob.
@PastaFearFactory: no it doesn't its different plus. its the story not the art there are so many games with bad art/graphics. also look at the original one punch man the art is bad but look at it now.
hey Nora you need to tell me if your going to make this into a book i'll donate
the art is amazing the story is interesting.
@Protectorofteshadows: this looks interesting so far