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Jes is one half of a team that makes up AetherForge Studio. She loves to both write and draw. For her author persona, see Jes A. Condrey, or @jacondrey on Twitter.
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Ch 2 Page 6
Well, look at that! Another dragon! It doesn't look like he has any trouble fitting through the trees. Maybe Zok really is just fat.

Little Dragon
I love it so far! And I love Shvir. :D
Ch 2 Page 5
Are they splitting the party? Really? Rookie move, guys.

Also, happy birthday to my sister! She's ollllld.

Ch 2 Page 4
Leave it to the leaders of the dragon-home to actually know what they're doing. How inconvenient! And rude of them to not give the newly-elf'ed Zanni any actual supplies. Is she supposed to eat apples and grass?

Ch 2 Page 3
And she thought it was going to be easy!

Ch 2 Page 2
These trees were rather more enjoyable to draw. After an entire chapter of such trees, that enjoyment goes down a notch, though. Haha!

Ch 2 Page 1
Let's launch right into this. At first I tried drawing all the trees in that little forest, but then I decided I didn't hate myself. You can tell what it is! Right? ...Right?

Onward to exposition!

Chapter 2
And Chapter Two begins! Who's this bad boy? No idea! Well, okay, I know who he is.

In this chapter, our intrepid pair of troubled dragon and dragon-elf get in trouble! But I suppose that will probably be something that happens every chapter, right?

Page 25
Yeah, goats are creepy weird with the way they climb rock surfaces. But he's gonna be fine! And he got an upgrade from what he looked like before. Some time alone on top of a stone pillar did him wonders!

This is the last page of Chapter 1! Chapter 2 starts on Friday.

Page 24
Yes, just walk away as fast as you can before they discover your other homicide.

Page 23
Rules? When have rules ever stopped them before?

Page 22
Ever felt like the person who gets you out of all kinds of trouble might secretly hate you? No? Well, it's not a rational fear, but if I was suddenly turned into a bug I might not be rational about anything. Haha!

Page 21
And we are back! Hello, everyone!

Sorry for the long delay, but it could not be avoided. But now we are back in the game with two updates a week, Tuesdays and Fridays!

This page kind of sets the groundwork for how I've taken to drawing Zanni of late.

Here, she isn't sure what to think of all these things that don't quite add up. But then again, she's known for being a bit of a goofy slacker, so of course she doesn't understand, right?

Well, we'll just have to see! Next page goes up on Friday!

Page 20
Wrapping it up... There's grass! Wow!

Edited: And it's fixed!

See you next week!
Page 19
The journey cometh...

With about 25 pages per chapter, we're nearing the end of Chapter 1. Thanks for sticking with us! If you enjoy reading Runebreathers, please Favorite, Rate, and share it!
Page 18
The next chapter will begin soon! Let's see if I am even capable of drawing backgrounds that aren't cave walls! Haha!

See you next week!
Page 17
Ah, the realization settling in...

Happy Columbus Day, by the way! See you soon!
Page 16
Another page for your viewing pleasure.

Coloring style and such is subject to change as Mike adjusts for time saving techniques!
Page 15
I kinda like the dress, but that would be annoying to draw all the time.
Page 14
That hair sure is conveniently placed.