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This page is adorable. It's fun to see Jandi looking confident.
March 6th, 2019
I was just thinking about this comic today! I always looked forward to the commentary almost as much as the story. Also Loke's mannerisms are the best. Bless him for refusing to use furniture like "normal" people.
February 26th, 2019
I'm starting to feel like maybe he's depressed and not feeling up to the physical and emotional effort of leaving safety and trying to find a new place.
If this happened in real life, I would call it wrong. If someone says no to any kind of genital touching, they don't have an obligation to prove they have a good reason for saying no. Believing people the first time they say no doesn't ruin real life romance, it improves communication and trust. BUT this is fiction, where pirates and murderers can be heroes and we can forget the damage to civilians caused by crazy car chases. It's a fun, well-written scene, and I hope none of you see Kylee as a literal role-model for consent. Real people shouldn't have to physically fight you to convince you to stop.
June 27th, 2018
@SoulRaider116: I just want to let you know, your responses to Evilsnail11's comments made sense to me. You don't come across as paranoid, or as though you think the world is out to get you. It's reasonable to be frustrated when a stranger on the internet tries to diagnose (or "un-diagnose") your mental health issues based on a brief description. I think they meant well, but I'm sorry that you have to deal with people acting like experts on your personal challenges. As someone with chronically depressed loved ones, thank you for fighting back and trying to take care of your mental health and survive. I'm sure it means the world to the people who care about you.
June 14th, 2018
This page looks really cool! I like the translucent effect.
December 1st, 2017
I love the last panel. It makes them seem real.
The lighting in the bottom panel is wonderful. The faces look kind of eerie with the murky green tones in the background.
The first panel is so simple and effective. Oof. :(
That's a pretty cool hell gate. :) Also, the rug on the previous pages is mesmerizing.
Hehehe. This pleased me.
November 26th, 2016
The panels with the train and the snow are so wonderful to look at!
November 23rd, 2016
I just came to this after reading the original. It's amazing to see how far you've progressed since then! You seem thoughtful about the ways your characters interact with each other and the world around them.
I did not think there was any way both of those things could happen on one page without it seeming forced and melodramatic. I'm crazy impressed with your storytelling!
Dragon pictures
I hardly ever comment on things, but I want you to know that I love this man you made. I love that he's some kind of serious general who's completely drunk with his desk covered in dragon pictures and half-finished suicide notes. You're really good at portraying his depression while also showing other sides of his personality.
September 6th, 2016
The top panel is my new favorite. It would make a really cool poster.
September 6th, 2016
Your colors are so amazing! Even when the story is really suspenseful I keep noticing how cool the color scheme is.