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Okay- I know, it's full of suck right now.. but I really wanted to have something up Tuesday.. which, it is here. And so, I'll replace this page with the finished comic ASAP....
...Okay, so my lovely coloring assistant's computer 'sploded.. leaving me, (Fal) to do this one all by my lonesome.. I know, the coloring looks like vomit but hey- I like to do things in one sitting. In related news. I hate backgrounds. A lot.

That is all.
Hee hee.. well nice to see someone has a concept of what they are doing.. I myself have this problem where I just sort of.. do it.

Good luck on finding an artist!
The official cover to the DW fancomic.. stay tuned for the actual pages to the ongoing saga of the traveling time lord and his companions.
I think I love you.
Seriously.. I can tell by the description alone that you've a flair for the totally awesome. This reminds me of a project that I never kicked off the ground.. and I'm so happy that some of the madness and eccentricies still made it to the masses.. =D
Drawn and written by Fal Starr, colored by the amazing Noir.