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The second I saw it was a pet shop, I was like "oh gawd" and then facepalmed when I saw the last panel.

I LOVE you comic, it's awesome! The style's very professional and I love your characters' depth and personality!
... for some reason, Val looks like a creepy stalker...
I know he just ate a talking bird that's also a 'good guy' and everything, but... for some reason, all I could think when he spat her out was 'GOD, Zadel. CHEW YOUR FOOD'.
lol~ they're 'mortal enemies' yet Abel has his phone number...
To SW Fan (Guest)
Although you will probably never see this as it is two years too late(the same amount of time it's been since I last visited smackjeeves) I want to let you know that I am actually a very avid fan of Star Wars (being SW-IV was the first movie I ever saw and fell in love with it at first sight), I am aware of the Jedi beating the Mandalorians (though if your referring to that war in KotOR game main character's history then those jedi who did fight did so AGAINST the will of the high council), and last of all, having grown up as an army brat with a love for military history, I can tell you that a LOT of the battle sequences did not a have very sound strategies in them (and even when they did, things hardly ever seemed to go to plan) so we can make fun of it if we want. Plus the retcons make it all the more fun.

Also, don't be such an ass. This is a fan comic and we were just having some friendly argument until you decided to be an arsehole to everyone whose ever commented up till this point.

My advice to YOU; don't be such a douche-bag and get a fucking life.
(my apologies to everyone else for the language)
Yeah, after the quizs they ask me about my interest in history and that I should research my lineage. I'm Scottish, dude....
November 10th, 2009
Jeez, Adrian, calm down. 'Tis only the awesome Doug-ness.
August 6th, 2009
Dude, someone seriously needs to give Adrian a makeover, ya know, a new new wardrobe and.... *looks at picture of Adrian* .... okay, maybe just the new wardrobe. Everythin' else looks SO fine. ;D
Dude, your drawing just gets awesomer every time you update...(and I know 'awesomer' isn't a real word, I just made it one) :3
I admit it. Star Wars Ain't Perfect.
To start with, Jedi are supposed to take strategy training at the temple, though I have a feeling MOST of them failed that class. And not all of the Jedi involved in the war were made Generals, quite a few of them were, in a word, just 'troops'.

AND even after all that FAILED training who the HELL would put them in charge anyway?!(sorry, if i'm contradicting myself) But it just seems stupid, I mean the Star Wars Universe IS a FICTIONAL world and has MANY inconsistences, (commenly called recons). (They're are like an opening for fans that will probably argue about them for ages or untill George Lucas himself sets it right!)
Wow! That's awesome!
Yay! Action & Akatsuki!
There's a hole chunk of the game that they cut off at the end. There's a fan Mod you can download for the PC version, that restores those lost gaming hours. It's pretty good too, you can go to all sorts of new places.
Nice comic. Very interesting....
M'k, I'll Fav.
Gamemaster, I think this comic has great potentiel! And anyone who thinks otherwise should just NOT COMMENT AT ALL! Commenting is for praise or friendly critque, NOT put-downers and ridicule! Respect the system people! If you don't like this naruto comic, STOP reading this one and MAKE YOUR OWN!
Sometimes Obi Wan doesn't think things through too well. That's a Jedi for you.

Oh, and Jango just acted REALLY suspicious. Like for example, when Obi Wan went after him to 'talk', Jango attacked him while he and Boba were trying to get away. All the while Obi Wan is ATTEMPTING to arrest Jango. THAT'S why.
August 6th, 2008
For the record. I love Butterscotch's page the way it is! Not that you don't have some good points Catoni15, but that's how YOU draw and arrange panels. Butterscotch has her own way of drawing and apart from the off-hand mistakes, that she so kindly points out herself, The Reborn is an AWESOME COMIC. It's both drawn well AND brilliantly written!
Atton! You peverted creep!
I'm sayin' it again-
This comic is awesome.

When something tense happens, I hold my breath, waiting for more! *U*