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I like long walks on the beach. And going to the park. I am easily excitable and love cool things!!!
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Social Interactions are Weird. Even if they are Financial Interactions
Holy shit I had no idea Aeon had a credit card with him. I don't think Hajime has that.

Aeon is trying his best. Bless him.

Hope Land Lady is able to get money out of it. But it would alert people to Aeon's location if she uses it.
Wild Land Lady Appears!
Damn her design is super good. I love her heart hair clip! <3
She wants her money. I can appreciate that.
And poor Aeon is ready to strike.
Not Cold Noodles!!!
Aeon is having a tough time with feelings. Hope that eventually he embraces love and all good things.
Nice fangs btw
That's a really cool pose with one eye out and flowing hair. Cool cat shirt too!
That last "Who dares?!" panel is so cool. Dramatic and reminds me a bit of a kitty. :3
0w0 what's this? who dares?
Awww those Aeon feels
God your hair drawing skills are supreme. That last panel is fantastic.
He is so cute in the shower and eating and having cuddles! ~
Hajime sure appreciates the hair! ;D
Very cute
Those are some really cute undies! I'm glad that Aeon is in a good home now. Nice shirt.
I always flinch seeing how many scars he has, this poor boy has gone through a lot. You convey that really well.
The hair is so pretty! Gorgeous.
Night Sky
That sky looks so beautiful. With the stars and the clouds, it gives a nice peaceful atmosphere. Oh boy, this gives me a lot of feels for poor Aeon with that suit on. Number 3 gives a nice foreshadowing to his past. I think so at least.
Of course the hair on both Hajime and Aeon look gorgeous as always. Very well done! :D
Great cover!
Whoah that's awesome pastel? colors you using! They pop out and help the asthethic and mood.

Aeon looks good holding the tea and those leggins! Handsome boy!
Hajime.exe has crashed
Oh gosh so much stimulation made Hajime dizzy!

Love the panel with them in embrace. Really hot!

Thus more shenanigans are around the corner!
Oh no Aeon
Oh gosh Aeon is overwhelmed by so many rules.

And Hajime is right there to tell him be belongs some here. Very nice.

Love the face to face action in the last panel. It's awesome.
Some Boundaries
Hajime almost lost it knowing how long Aeon was out there.
Aeon is gonna have to learn the rules.
Yeah I can notice the first and last panels are different but it is the same style and the art is very good on all of the panels.
Making the first one all black really conveyed how Hajime was feeling. That was awesome. And all of the hair!!! ~
Soulful blue eyes
Man that middle panel really captured his emotions and looked so pretty!

Aww man I love the detail you give to Aeon but I feel bad for him to be so scratched up like that. Love his hair. Amazing. Wonderful work.
Dem bulges. I see them.
It looks great! :D ~ <3
I love the background colors. So happy!
That important character
Whoah nice foreskin and dick! With that bush it is so realistic and awesome! Great job!

Wonder when he will embrace his kink.
Anxiety shower time
Oh boy here we go
Brought to you by Shower Thoughts (tm)
The rumblies
I love that Aeon face/look on the first panel. But he also looks so cute on the last one!
Man I wonder what kind of delectable they will feast on. It's ramen noodles, ain't it?
Dream Sequence Complete! ~
Oh my I really like how dynamic the middle strips are. Very nice!
I love both of Aeon's faces on here. So cute and adorable!
All of the mouth action!
Those top panels are so intense and intimite, you really captured the sort of sensual energy mouths can have.
Oh God that hair is gorgeous! Always a welcome sight!
Oh my so Hajime's subconscious believes that Aeon has the power to ruin him. That might hurt real life Aeon if he found out.
Dream Sequence ~
I knew it! Sweet dreams are made of this ~

That's a lot of chains. Sweet. Those Hajime eyebrows. They are good. I can already tell there is some potential beautiful hair pulling in the last panel.

And Aeon is super quick to slash at Hajime. Those are some sharp nails. Hajime likes.
Dream sequence ~
Hajime be passing out and gonna have a dream sequence. Maybe. Who knows? (Only the Author knows)
I like the sparkles on there. Then again I like sparkles of all kinds. 030
Symbolic ~
What beautiful eyes both of them have. Very soulful and colorful.
Love the symbolic chains behind Aeon and the feathers behind Hajime, finally building up into that last panel.
I am so happy you have bewitched me with your hair drawing skills. Absolutely gorgeous. Time well spent, if you ask me.