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I make comics, both drawn and sprite, although I don't have anything I've drawn up at the moment. I'm mostly a loner and don't start conversations with people often. So don't be surprised if I seem aloof or standoffish, it's just because I'm terrified of you. When I do talk and can be very wordy and ramble on a lot.
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    One of the 579,277 'Eric's in the US. Good luck
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Well at least he won't be able to summon it until he's held onto it for a couple months.
Unless it attaches to a chain and he can summon it with the chain. Then everyone is screwed.
Rhys knows whats in most of his bags. But he also has a set of bags that he mixes up and puts random crap into, because life just isn't interesting enough on its own.

In related news: I commandeth unto this comic! LIVE! LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE!
A wild Rentorian has appeared!
wild Rentorian used Update!
It was super effective!
And Rentorian said "Let there be an update!" And there was and he saw it was acceptable.
-Rentorian : 7:15 a.m.

In other news it's time for a shameless plug!
Go read Sans Sanity!
It has comics!
If no one else is available I could always take a crack at it. I don't have much experience with Jump style but I don't think they should end up turning out too horribly.
Ah, I thought your mistake was the complete replacement of the original page instead of adding to it. Oh well, it's done now.
@ Martin
The bio page is fixed.
Holy hell, I started an update avalanche.
Since no one was goin' for the update I figured that I should throw this together.
On another note, I was messing around with font and balloons today and want some input on what I have.
Here's the link to the different combination:
Tell me which combo you like best. Colored balloons or white, outlined text or simple, and circles or rounded rectangles.
And here they be!
Nope. The summoning and stuff are an elementaless ability. His current form doesn't have any special powers beyond rapid healing.
Be careful not to underestimate Rhys. Impulsiveness doesn't translate directly to stupidity. That and he was raised by the Tylwyth Teg, and none of the Fey are exactly known for their stupidity.
Well, Rhys is going to go do something stupid. Anyone wanna come with him?* Also the sprites for the transformed Rys have been added to the sprite page. Just change the heads and add the wings and tail to a Rhys sheet pose if you need other poses.

*Safety not gaurenteed
They'll probably betray one another within two comics.
Alright. Are there any particular poses you want or should I just go with a few standing poses?
The trans. Rhys will get a kick out of it.
What sprites will I need to make for it?
I don't have anything else to say so why not elaborate on Rhys's ability.
He can summon anything he has made a connection with and control it by basically telling it what to do, these can be standing orders that are always in effect or new ones. Secondly he has to individually tell each item what to do, so controlling 30 knives at once take a LOT of concentration and he can't tell them more than 'go that way' and stop them if they miss the target. Some of his commands could be like telling his clothing to defend and strengthen him, making him much stronger and making his clothes akin armor, to telling it to stick to something so he can climb walls or tell it to fly. However each item can only carry about an extra 50% of it's own weight, meaning he can't fly but he falls slower than other people. Basically if you fight him aim for the face and don't let him out of your sight, otherwise you'll be pelted with flying knives and chains.
Rhys is on the case!
We be neighbors!
Also you'll need to re-upload the image. The default setting for imageshack is to resize whatever is uploaded if it's too big, which the rooms picture happens to be.
When you re-upload it make sure you change the image resize option to "do not resize"
I've updated the maple condo rooms with my door, added my room to the list, put up my new sprite sheet with the shaded eyes on it, and negotiated a trade agreement with the people living under my bed.
And I finished my take home midterm for my algorithms class but that's not important.