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Magos Sarah
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13.82 Billion Years
@GreenKrog: I feel the exact same way about Carl Sagan's Cosmos series. I honestly think I would be dead without it, or certainly a significantly different person. I'm a pre-everything MTF. I really loved the Venus Envy story and characters, and I found them very relatable. Through Cosmos, I can see the beauty in things other people aren't aware of, or are aware of, but don't investigate. In a certain way, seeing that made me appreciate myself, whereas previously I only saw the world as a cold and cruel place, with nothing but a life of agony awaiting me. I was a really bitter person inside, but I didn't display that to others.

Now, I know that I'm a statistically improbable event in human society; a cog that doesn't fit in easily with the machine yet. But, we as a species are a serious statistically insignificant probability, or at least were, if we ran the universe again, there would be no Earth, and no humans. Other people have no right to judge me because I'm not "normal", humanity is not "normal", how many other planets don't have humans on them? How many stars don't have planets that have humans on them? And yet, they'll tell me that I should just "fit in", I'll tell them to fit in, go and become the interstellar "normal" space dust commonly found in between the stars.

I've found peace, to a certain degree anyway, and will pursue my transition no matter what anyone says. I've come through 13.82 billion years to this spot, why throw it all away? I'd rather make society accept our position, and that we're here to stay.

Peace & Butterflies