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Idk what to put here. Stay tuned.
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January 28th, 2019
@Flamel: bread doesnt need answers.
noooOoo ;n;
naww the lil happiny
oh noooOoooOOOOOoo
(good to see you back tho c:)
@ilovepokemon: they are gay.
it is he!1!
im glad you returned, this has been the first comic I ever watched.
help her
Yalini is too busy making food to notice lol
@Z-Gamer777: that is rude. he can quit when he likes.
Confuzzled Leon is best Leon
nick has a c c e n d e d
Topaz u cant just 'stop' when ur evil cat attacks
@Jr: its supposed to be that they built the house for him, its correct grammar
gem from diancie = super strength????
@PJSam: what about the 21st night of never?
low-key hope theres a way to revive everyones favourite bird with that spoopy orb
Is that a trapnich house ;o