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Idk what to put here. Stay tuned.
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Thats a shiny skitty right? I'm assuming this is the group that murders shinies mentioned earlier
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: alright, but do the battle techniques still have the same names as canon moves or are they fanmade names?
(sorry if this is alot of questions)
What move was that supposed to be, at first I thought it was mud slap but now im not sure ;w;
@PJSam: The weavile is quite alright tho. I have a feeling they will grow into a snarky but friendly character
Well, thats one way to get free babysitting
January 28th, 2019
@Flamel: bread doesnt need answers.
noooOoo ;n;
naww the lil happiny
oh noooOoooOOOOOoo
(good to see you back tho c:)
@ilovepokemon: they are gay.
it is he!1!
im glad you returned, this has been the first comic I ever watched.
November 11th, 2018
help her
Yalini is too busy making food to notice lol
@Z-Gamer777: that is rude. he can quit when he likes.
Confuzzled Leon is best Leon
nick has a c c e n d e d
Topaz u cant just 'stop' when ur evil cat attacks
@Jr: its supposed to be that they built the house for him, its correct grammar