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The note was a good call considering the only people seem to be white and that the only time a minority is mentioned is in the context of a war and hostile takeover. So it would be easy to have a misunderstanding of the author hadn't said anything otherwise
Little Toby T.T
Like Chris was?
Almost positive she has seen a male fair without his mask. Unless there's another race of distinctly humanoid magic creatures who can teleport at will.maybe there is.
All valid points Fair. All things I've thought.
I didn't like the king in the fairy tale and I don't like him now. Shady sunava...
Caleb was right.she's only proved she's impulsive, and she's set living things on fire before. *cough*sheep *cough* tbh she did deserve to get locked up. He was right to leave things alone. She seems self centered.
... I'm not feeling Chris right now...
I have mixed feelings about the king. I'm kind of concerned
Gosh... I hope she changes cuz my foreshadowing is not all too positive at this point.
@Jero: I think he meant have you figured out why assook doesn't have a "self" or voice