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Me glaceon
Me agent
Me will kill ya
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Me will fail at it
A and B are correct
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This comments section is amazing tbh
@Franchska The Fennekin: Lol I do know in what she'll evolve exactly
Eve will evolve into...
Starts with F or V or J or G or L or U or E or S and A or L or O or E or M or S or Y and it ends with some letters. For more info check this link:
Or visit this page: To wait until it comes like normal people. Also you can make theories.
@RealBoxTheEevee: First of all, Chill lul. Second just ignore him
Just in case you ask
@Shaede The Black Eevee:
Why should you be a fan? Pinkeevee did this to avoid receiving 1000 background eevees emails without even showing that they really like the comic just to make their character appear in the comic
@AShinyFemaleEevee: You have a stalker :v
@Pinkeevee222: Create an imagewhere they are all bg eevees
@Pinkeevee222: YEEEEEEEEEEAH !!!!!!!!!!!