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Hi, I'm Doki! I enjoy doing fan art and making webcomics. Feel free to check out more of my stuff on Deviantart, same username~.
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Ouch. I felt that in my soul... X]
"while editing it, I erased part of his mouth, got that face, and was like "STAYS. IT STAYS.""

Love it when that happens. One happy little accident can make the whole page~
Dyn looks so bored in the background there~ ^^
Is that a Cask of Amontillado reference I see?? ^^
I love your mouseover text jokes~! Me, I can never think of a good one for every page...
@Starly the shapeshifter: Hey, glad you like my vids! Hopefully I'll do another episode this month. :)
I know the's hard to want to be funny in these times...
What a beautiful crowd scene! That's my weakness; crowd scenes...
Go Mal~. I like where this is heading...
Welcome back! I'm glad you're doing so well~
Here's hoping this stunt works out...XD
Wow, the Silmarillion? Props~ ^^
February 28th, 2018
My responsibility spirit must be on vacation...I haven't even done my taxes yet, let alone the other things... ^^;
I should probably be commenting about the dog, too (XD), but I noticed you got featured in the Smackjeeves Comic Spotlight!
I don't actually know how big of a thing that is, but I feel like I should congratulate you~
So we're calling her Nut Girl now? XD
Can't wait for more!
I like their dynamic already! These two look like they could become great friends~.

I just wonder what Lark will do when she finds out who the girl is...
(Srsly though, thanks for telling me~)