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I am Laurence! I am a young artist who likes rocks, plants, and dirt!
Hiatus End
The months of no updates are probably over! I'm going to try a little harder on this comic but thanks for bearing with me ;p
ENTER name!
I will wait a while for some names to build up then use a random generator to select one!
I lost so much BP and couldn't bring myself to draw for a while but I AM BACK And ready to update
February 22nd, 2017
a lazy artist, that's what we have
Sorry I have a hard time upd8ing
I'm lazy
@IronDog: Thank you!
Woah, art that is not mine!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< check out my good bro's art, he drew everyone's favorite depressed blob! but he usually draws cute girls
@Err0rans: Sorry, but could you rephrase that? I don't understand, Thank you!
I don't have much time for much things but this will be an interactive web comic dingy that I won't put much effort into. Command your hero by commenting to see what will happen....................... ;3c