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Well I'm a Christian, I love anthros, fat girls, drawing, reading, and playing videogames.
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    Branin W. Marshall
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Nah, it's actually an RCA Lyra, copied off the one I have, I'm not made of cash to buy an iPod, lol.
uh, not a coin, big glowing orb
wait...where do I know u?

thanks, and it's user submition on belfry, I put them up there myself. heh
oh, I do ink it, and I am going to start doing that. Thanks for the comment. ^.^
Wow, thanks Grandma! How did you find the new sites? By my website?
ah, u noticed that too? heh...
Oh I know it's up, but it still sucks, this place is a whole lot better!

Oh and I'm 19 by the way, and yeah it's rough, mainly cause I tend to be lazy or in a hurry, plus I need to practise more often, if you want, u can visit my dA page:
Wow thanks for the comment!

New ideas? What do you mean exactly? What, that's she's fat? lol, you'll find that in this comic and my Spike Thrower one, that I like bigger girls, lol! ^.^