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Alex likes Yaoi

Alex is gawth lol

Alex likes to draw

Alex wants to be your friend ^^;
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    Alex of Hellfire Peak
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LOL the german guys face hahahha hes like HI SUP
Dar tries to pull a solid snake move then runs off like a little girl
Here's a treat for you guys. Ill be updating with real pages very soon. Thanks for the support xD
Omg You are godly at flash! Makes me want to READ READ READ (and maybe make a flash intro myself.. even though I have to donate and Im brokeish)
Someone who sounds like mario is about to make their big entrance!!!! LOL
Going on
Phew this page took forever to color for some reason. ><; Thanks for viewing!!! <3
I just wanna thank you for commenting on my comic so much! xD Yours is wonderful as well!~ Lovely lines!
Sai... grrr
So this page was done in opencanvas because Sai is a bitch and I don't want to buy it. orz..

Anyway, thanks for 40 fans! Whoot! I hope more join the boat as the action picks up. ^^; Thanks!
Bleh Sai is pissing me off.. I cant save so i have to print screen this and its a pain. I dont want to buy it either.. >>;

Maybe I should start using manga studio like I'm supposed to
This marks the official start of the actual storyline!
This thing is fucked LOL. My Sai died and I like the lines it makes. O well off to opencanvas I go.

BTW Ill try to get these up every Wed, Thurs at the latest!
Kawaii as always! ilu!