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I read several different comics, and I don't plan on creating one. I'm not going to list them all here, though.
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Finally caught up, and I had forgotten how awesome this comic was.

And I'm a bit worried about Hoopa...
Just binged this comic, and now I'm sad that I'm finally caught up. I can't wait to read more of this!
You Ask, We Reply
When are you going to update again? I have a question that I would really like to ask Kixty. It's about Kirby: Planet Robobot. Could you please update? Thank you.
Do more!
Make a leaf Kirby and a magic Kirby, please
Do this
Make Flowey fly in first, then if safe, go down any random stairs you see. If not safe, fly up to the top of the tree.
Aye Vee
4 is my least favorite number
4 in roman numerals is IV
I hate IVs
I had to get 8 in a row because my arm just wouldn't show a vein.
And the doctor was in training.
I got one... yay?
53! 3.141592653589793238464 and that's all I've memorized
I don't knooow...
call 1800-STEAMERS Your neighborhood carpet cleaner

*not paid advertising*
Is That GIGI????
At first I thought that said BitF (Brawl in the family)(a kirby/smash bros webcomic)
Because time passes between panels and that was the first time that the time that the panels take place in and their blinking ever lined up perfectly. At least, that's what I think
The Truth
The user above is correct and I am wrong about the following statement:

The statement beneath me is false
Please update again!
Please? I've been waiting for Keedy. It's been soooooo long...
42 Kirbies
Is this an accident,or is this on purpose?
I spy some algebra
Hi. I've been a fan of your webcomic for over a year, and I am re-reading it. I just noticed the quadratic formula...