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Ok I admit, Kasai openly admitting that he is going to eventually betray them made me laugh. Not the best way to sell yourself, but it is amusing.
Hooray for a Tribe Swap that actually changes something this time.

Now we will get to see the big selling point for this whole season, past and future selves interacting with each other. And why is my gut telling me that Yessi's world is about to be shattered?
And with that Nayla is out of the game.

I disliked Nayla for pretty much her entire time here, and while this final comic did improve my perception of her a bit, I still think she is overall a mixed bag.

She was a fairly unpleasant presence for most of her stay. There have been great "angry" characters in SFC, like Jahira, Izy, and Bonnie, but Nayla at the time just seemed to be randomly yelling at people for no reason. While we do have a reason now, and most likely on a re-read she will be more enjoyable because we understand where her mind is at, at the time she was just kind of a bitch, and not a very fun one at that.

I do like what was done here about her having a self realization of about who she is, but I would have preferred this be stretched over a period of time instead of it coming at all once seconds before she is voted out. Because instead of seeing a character grow overtime, she grew in one scene, and now she's gone.

I like her a bit more now because I do like the idea. A character having an existential crisis is the perfect premise for this kind of season, but the execution was a little wonky.

Goodbye Nayla, I may not have always been your biggest fan, but I wish the best for you.
Looks like everything is set up for Nayla to leave, which means there is no freaking way its her. I don't know what is going to happen, but I think there is going to be a big blow up at this tribal.
As someone with zero knowledge about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, I have no idea what Ernest just did.

Jeff and GlaDOS trying to out snark each other is the only reason this setting needs to exist.

I'm not sure who is leaving. Nayla seems like the obvious one, so unless a really big curveball gets thrown she is the only one I can think of.
Wow Clarissa, not cool.

Hooray for Ria getting some screen time. But boo in that ET might not be a target anymore.
TOO DARK I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING! Or maybe my eyesight is just really bad. Probably the latter.

Sag, Claire, and Shin have an idol now, though I don't think they currently need it so they'll probably hold on to it for awhile.

In the ultimate twist, Nayla is shown screaming at someone. What a shocker. If you are this mad at someone lying to you on SURVIVOR, what show did you think you auditioned for?
@vanilladream: What is it about Nayla that is actually so great? I am genuinely asking because I have no idea what you see in her. All I see is a character who just yells at people all day.
I'm loving how all the people I dislike have been getting voted out, can we continue the streak and boot Nayla next?

Anyways, Kitsunie was pretty obnoxious and annoying, but I'm sort of willing to let it slide because clearly that was the intention. Frysk is currently a favorite of mine, so if he is able to provide a boost to his story, I can't complain about Kitsunie too much. Thankfully he left just as he was teetering on the edge of overstaying his welcome.

I have to say hats off for this entire episode, because it pretty much single handedly fixed all the early issues I had been having. The seeming lack of plot progression is over, and the massive amounts of negativity from the major characters is likely to come to an end now that Kitsunie is no more. Really looking forward to where things go from here.
I was really expecting Atlas to pull out the win for this one. At the very least I hope this means Kitsunie leaves.
It took me a while before I really warmed up to anyone, but Clarissa is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

And yes, please vote out ET.
@vanilladream: the problem isn’t that Nayla isn’t nice. Bonnie is my favorite SFC Character so not being nice is clearly not enough to make me dislike a character. The problem with Nayla is that she isn’t nice and that is all there is to her. Every single scene with her has just been her getting randomly angry at someone or something and it’s frankly gotten tiresome. Characters like Jahira and Izyebel had anger as major character traits but were fleshed out a lot to make them interesting people. Nayla has absolutely nothing interesting about her other than the fact that she has a temper.
Being Shin is suffering.

In other news, anger continues to be Nayla’s one and only character trait.
Kitsunie being Frysk's "Young Stupid Teenager" phase cracks me up.
Ethan clearly isn’t nervous about just giving away information, though that might actually end up helping him adjust more. I don’t see any immediate problems for him lasting on this new tribe. Other than Kitsunie, but it’s Kitsunie, no one cares.
As an introvert, I absolutely feel for Yessi. Being around people who are very open and social when you are... not, is the most awkward thing in the world.
Goodbye Lady Bit, I will not miss you.

Lady Bit was... yeah she was pretty awful. Normally I like characters who are hilariously annoying and obnoxious (hence why I like Lady Bit at first), but she got WAY too much attention in her short time which just made her annoying.

Then we had the Loot Boxes (or "surprise mechanics" if you prefer that) which were an attempt at rigging the game that failed, and I can't help but say "Haven't we been here before?". The Enter Parody of a character with game breaking powers that still ends up failing miserably has been done several times by now, such as Frost and Amadeus, and it's a bit old hat by now.

Lastly, and this is a bit of conjecture, but there seems to be an assumption that part of the reason for Sprinkles and Lady Bit existing is you hating Hyperdimension Neptunia. I have no idea if that is true or not, but if it is, including characters from a series you don't like just to mock said series is kinda lame.

So yeah, Lady Bit is gone, thankfully. I still have high hopes for where this is going though.
This was absolutely hilarious. Genius way to work around the restrictions.

If Lady Bit doesn’t leave I will be fairly annoyed.
@vanilladream: Maybe what Claire did wasn't good, but if someone does something bad and you have an extreme response to it, YOU are the asshole now.