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Glad to see that Angelo isnt just a clone of Damon, he seems alot more vulgar and, if its even possible, much more bro and masculine. Just Izybel's luck that Scott happens to like the person she hates the most in the entire world. However, I feel that Izy is smart enough to see that Scott befriending them can actually be an advantage.

PS: Angelo's hair/hat combined with his sunglasses make it look like he has a Pikachu on his head.
Well, you managed to do what one season ago I thought was impossible; make me sympathize with Brandi. On the other hand, her dad is determined to be the absolute worst.

PS: Vinnie's still got it <3
So Bradley says that Bonnie is going to be targeted first, which of course means there is no fucking way she is the first one out. Also, I have my doubts that Sarah would be ok with them voting out Bonnie.
@SWSU-Master: Lets be honest, if it wasnt illegal, no one would wear pants... or is that just me?
Izyebel, welcome to your own personal HELL.
OMG THAT WAS SUCH A SHOCK! Just kidding, we all saw this coming. I personally loved Taro and wanted him to win from a long time back, and Im glad with this result. However, my only major complaint is how painfully obvious it was. Towards the end, Sylvia was clearly the only real threat to a Taro win, but even that was unlikely. Once she was out, it became a forgone conclusion. Overall, I'd rank this as a mid-tier season. Pretty good, but not amazing. Taro is a pretty awesome winner though!
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Do both tomorrow. I mean, the only way Dustin could win is if Taro spontaneously bursts into flames, but I say you go through things normally.
@Misterjakester: Yes, Taro would be the first winner to play a "Perfect Game".
Since no votes were shown, its becoming more and more likely that this was unanimous. Also, didnt know that Jeff was part of the supers tribe.
@dat4yc: Im just not a fan of the fact that this is all just a formality. Heck, even SHAEGA would have been a more threatening opponent in the final 2.
@Tailslover13: It helps add drama. For example, Tapioca revealing she was smart in Season 13. Going into it, Jim was 100% garenteed to win. He still won (Thank God, Jim was awesome, and Tapioca was the worst), but it helped make things more dramatic, instead of just waiting for this to end already.
@Tailslover13: I just felt that if he recieved criticism for it, it would help put a Taro win in doubt, instead of this entire thing just being a formality.
@Misterjakester: Matt is probably still worse.
@ChronoAlone: That was probably one of the worst FTC performances ever. He failed to provide good answers WAY to many times.
Well, its looking more and more like a blowout. Heres my predictions:

Gekkota: Dustin
Marie: Taro
Sylvia: Taro
Cordellia: Taro
Leah: Taro
Shaega: Taro
Brandi: Taro
Zach: Taro
Ky: Taro

Gekkota is still up in the air I think, so it might still be unanimous. Also, Taro did not receive as much flak for the sushi poisoning as I was expecting. I figured that Brandi was the most likely to call him out on that. Also, not as much Dustin bashing as I was hoping for, but I suppose you dont want to make it any more obvious then it already is.
@Blastoise_FTW: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, even in her first season, I dont recall Kala exactly being a very nice person to begin with.
@Blastoise_FTW: It was pretty damn close, the main deciding point was while they were both bitchs, Kala was completely insane.The person I TRUELY wanted to see win was Norman.
Well, i rooting for Taro, and so far the person ive wanted to win once we reach the FTC has been wrong only four times.

Season 1: Charlie
Season 2: Ellise
Season 3: Montana
Season 4: Barney
Season 5: Gatemaster
Season 6: Bitsy (They were both terrible, but Bitsy was slightly less awful)
Season 7: Ker
Season 8: Uh… no one? Heinz maybe, if you pushed me.
Season 9: Cherman
Season 10: Minerva
Season 11: Angel
Season 12: Lola
Season 13: Jim
Season 14: Liz
@Guest: Dustin winning would be like in San Juan del Sur, where part of me wanted Keith to win solely because of the shear absurdity of someone who is completely inept at Survivor winning the game.
@Tailslover13: The ONLY way Dustin could possibly get votes is if people are upset at Taro over the whole poisoning thing.