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Me: Josh, eat a Snickers.
Josh: Why?
Me: You turn into a self anointed martyr when you're hungry.
Josh: *Crunch*
Me: Better?
Josh: Better.
Ok, I know that a lot of people weren't fans of Raiza, but I'm willing to come out and say that I think she was an excellent character.

I wasn't a fan at first, because she was mostly there for slapstick comedy, which I personally don't think works that well in a webcomic medium. However, then she started her story of low self esteem and insecurities, which made her a much more dynamic character. Low Self Esteem is also an extremely relatable storyline for someone to have (especially for me), so it was easy to get emotionally invested in her. I also do think her relationship with Josh was rather sweet.

I'll be the first to admit that Raiza wasn't always the most likable, but as you said, being likable wasn't really the point.

Goodbye Raiza, you added quite a lot with your time here.
Yeah, NOW I think is going to be when Josh takes the dive for Raiza.
I fucking lost it at Jeannie's picture.

Also, I love how Jeff seems to assume that Ollie will always lose every challenge, and doesn't even pay attention to him.

This challenge was hilarious. Nice Job!
Ollie has had such a rocket strapped to his screen time recently, that it is making it really look like this is his boot episode. However, I do think the possibility exists that this is a distraction.
Jenny is really lucky that Raiza is an idiot, or else this entire plan could have already gone up in smoke.
That worthless piece of metal is finally GONE. PRAISE BE!

So far, The Bulu Four's plan seems to be working, but I doubt they will be able to keep up the illusion for long. Hope that They can at least gain the upperhand before the charade falls apart.
So Ollie was never a possessed animatronic, he was just a normal, mindless robot they placed on the show.

It's good to see Raiza actually being happy for once, though I still fear that Josh is going to get voted out and she will fall back into the depths of despair.

Glad that Mele has been getting more focus recently, she even managed to teach Ollie the correct response to Joy.
I'm happy that Jeannie is finally free. She can play her own game now and doesn't have to be a slave. Good Guy Derek with the save.

I'm rather surprised at Kade showing some actual emotion. Judging by his words, he was actually pretty spooked at tribal and wasn't sure if he was going to survive. Maybe he is a human after all.
And thus the last of the Koko Girls is out of the game. I had a feeling she would be leaving, but it still hurts.

CeCe never really progressed past being anything more than a side character, but she never needed to be. She was a fun, enjoyable character who added some positivity to the season. However, I do feel that her character development felt slightly rushed, as she had her development on Exile, and was then immediately booted upon her return. Didn't really give it enough time to simmer in my opinion. But hey, It's not a problem.

Goodbye CutieCat, I'll be sure to remember to rate, comment, and subscribe.
The fact that Kade is being secretive about his past and giving small teases about it means there is no way he is leaving now.

That leaves either Jenny or CeCe to leave. Since Jenny is such a huge character, her leaving in an episode where she wasn't really that much of a major focus would feel extremely anti-climactic, so it's probably going to be CeCe.

However, the possibility of Kade deciding to randomly fuck Derek and Jeannie over also exists.
You go Raiza! That was awesome! Even when they are reformed, Koko never loses.

This is actually really cute. Here's hoping that all those "Josh is leaving this episode" predictions end up being wrong so it doesn't crush Raiza's soul.

Also, I can't believe that I am starting to really like Ollie. He has been on point this episode.
There sure have been A LOT of idols in this season. Jeff is probably loving it.
Ok, Ollie confessing his love for the Ex-Machina made me laugh pretty hard.

And our boy finally became a man, about time you admitted it.
I'm with Jeannie on this one. Seeing Jenny and Derek finally getting along and just hanging out is actually really sweet. Though, the fact that Kade was looking at them while they talked makes me a little worried.
This line deserved to be carved on the side of a monument.

I'm glad that Josh finally decided to stop using kiddie gloves with Raiza, because it looks like he may have finally gotten through to her.

Also lol at Mele and Parm's passive aggressive support of Raiza.
TMW Mele is seeming like the only normal person on this tribe.

That rant from Alf does make me like Parm more, since now I know there is more to that duo than being an idol whoring sleazebag.

The fact that Josh dismissed Mele so easily and ended up pushing her away from him breaks my heart, I really liked the friendship between those two.
Well, CeCe APPEARS to be fine, though she still seems like she in on the edge of completely snapping.

I almost have to applaud the gigantic balls on Kade to backstab Derek and then immediately turn around and make a pledge of loyalty to him. Derek, if you are against Kade now, there is still one other option you can take, unfortunately, you are not going to like it...
I had a feeling, but it doesn't sting any less. Slash this season was an absolute delight, the fun, loving Dad that everyone wishes they had. I was expecting you to send him out in another scattershot vote because lol, so I'm glad you actually sent him off with some dignity.

Anyways, now that Slash is out, this will hopefully light a fire under Derek's ass and make him realize how dangerous Kade is. The fact that Derek and Jenny came a little closer to understanding each other gives me hope that the fabled team up will actually happen.