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Yeah, I saw this coming for awhile. Once again, I'm sorry that i wasn't able to respond to you in time, my fault for being a huge idiot.

However, I can still say that I couldn't be happier with how she turned out. When i created her, I was hoping that she would be someone who got sent out in a humiliating fashion. Seeing Nezumi throw a massive temper tantrum as she realizes she is screwed is just what I was hoping to see.

Thanks for accepting her SWSU, next time I'll be sure to respond to your messages.
I hope it is Lester and he goes out like an idiot. However, seeing as the other tribe is already in the process of voting out an egotistical jackass who has no idea what is actually going on, it will probably be Jeannie instead.
Here's a nice little song for Nezumi
Kade is officially the biggest asshole in this game, thank you for actually being a decent human being Mele.

Lele and Koko are heading to tribal. Koko's boot is just a formality at this point, so that just leaves me wondering who is leaving on Lele. I hope it's Lester and he goes out like a dumbass.
I'm almost starting to think that Nezumi isn't leaving because of how extreme the "Nezumi Sucks" story is.

Naomi is somehow more interesting after she has been voted out. Who woulda thunk it?

Also, I am extremely disappointed that Alf didn't say "Cool, Calm, and Collective". A missed opportunity if there ever was one.
Tony 100% had that coming.
Nezumi is putting in an effort, but I'm pretty sure it's all for naught, she is 100% leaving this episode.

Also, I'm not sure if Ollie actually does like Jenny or Jenny just programmed him to like her.
Slash is like the Dad that everyone wants to have. And meanwhile you have Lester, he is still a prick.
Well, at least the Kokos sleep cycle won't be screwed anymore.

I really thought/hoped that Josh would be leaving instead. Quickscope was a lot of fun, and I really wished he lasted a bit longer. Fallen soldier, I salute you.
I'm surprised that Tony isn't going to be a target, I was certain that he was going.

Anyways, It's not Mele, because no one is going to listen to Quickscope. Everyone is lying to Josh about voting Kade, so that likely isn't happening either. That leaves Josh or Quickscope. I hope it isn't Quickscope, because he is one of my favorites. Sorry Josh, but you have a habit of burning every bridge you cross, it is time for you to leave.
The early days of Koko being jolly and merry and long gone now. If they don't lose soon, then the pressure is just going to keep building until there is a massive blowup.
Ollie finally does something!

As for Fini, I'm guessing that either Josh or Tony is leaving. Or it could be Quickscope, soley because he is Quickscope. I'm not sure.
The more I learn about Quickscope's home life, the sadder I become.
Well, the Koko Girls Alliance lasted all of four days, smooth.

Also, other than the reward challenge, Nezumi has not made ONE appearance this episode, which makes me think that something is up.
Lester continues to be a beacon of happiness.
I love Jenny more and more with every passing day, please let her win.

Also, Koko made a REALLY bad call sitting Ollie out for this challenge, because now they have to field him in the Immunity Challenge.
Watch as Ollie is the one who found the idol.
Josh seems to have a bad habit of placing himself in hot water. As for Tony, while I do think siding with Kade over Josh is an intelligent thing to do, part of me thinks he did it because "imthevillainlol".
Goodbye Joy. There really isn't much to say about her, she was a gag character who, as you said, had no real depth to her. I'm glad she left before the joke got to old though.