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what's this?? Filler??
This wasn't supposed to be its own update lol, I was gonna just silently replace the old one along with a page update but I don't have a page due to track meets and history projects sooooo. filler.
I made this in January but wanted to wait until it had been exactly a year since the old one, which I think is tomorrow, so here.
It's just basically a remake lol nothing special. And then next year I'll remake it again, and so on XD
@WiispNightmare: shhhh no shush this is cool
Just got a couple announcements!

-I want to finish this. I really like this story and it's the shortest one I got and I do really like the concept so. I will. Attempt to finish it. Pages will be sketchier I think, and inconsistent as I figure out the quickest way to do them without them looking awful so bear with me :,3
I hate the beginning but I dont want to reboot it so I'm gonna deal with it ugh. It kinda saps my inspo for the story but there's nothing really to be done is there. I might just remake the prologue but with words instead of comic (delete the current one and just write a couple paragraphs in it's place) so. I guess maybe expect that??? Chap 1 will be untouched though
-Another thing is I'm closing the whole cat submitting thing. Honestly this makes me sad, because I thought it was such a neat idea, but a lot of the people did not follow the rules and its giving me stress. Don't worry though, if you already submitted yours and did it correctly your cat will be in there! I just wont take new ones. Sorry yall.

But yeah I hope to see yall soonish with more content
I just thought I'd give yall a quick update because I've been silent for?? half a year?? yeah we aint dead yet
this is so cool im sobbing-
February 21st, 2019
@WiispNightmare: should I be concerned
@Bean can't log in help: that makes sense!! Thank you for addressing it! <3
*national anthem plays*
February 20th, 2019
I am unnerved by the fact that there is no alt text *squints*
I literally cannot believe you exposed our dms
How dare >:0
l o t u s
what about pretty child, George?? :,,,,,0
Absolute and utter fear
so basically is someone walked up to her they'd see her pacing around and talking to herself which is kinda funny to imagine tbh

sorry this is late! I forgot I was going out of town this weekend and wouldn't have a chance to post this.
this gives me anxiety
Wolfy has a name now! Now the next step in domestication is feeding him
this is my favorite ship
@Juice-Chan: you aren’t very smooth are you? XD
Articuno you piece of shit
why the fuck are people adding blush to the paws ksdjskh I wasnt aware paws blushed XD