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Icon by SilverLunarWing!
Carcass- the body of a dead animal

Say you’ve got a butt marking like Red and his father do,,, you’re already partially white, they might fall for it :,3 poor Plucky
@Silver Eevee: <s>i technically already have one but it was cheated in and I want one in another game</s>
You too with your hedgehog!
I’m trying for Rayquaza so I feel you :,3

I dont know what I was expecting but it wasnt that
Back with more announcements!
First of all, I deleted the Prologue. It was. Bad. I'm going to type up a paragraph for the prologue and post it but for now, new readers, you'll be fine. you can probably figure out whats going on
also I'll be remaking the cover page, that'll be the next update
speaking of remakes I remade the first two pages of chap 1 to test out a style I was thinking of using. Each page took an hour and a half at most (WAY LESS THAN LOS AAA) which I'd say is a very short amount of time and it looks p good so I'll probably stick with it

Updates hopefully coming soon aaaaa
I suspect night sickness got in the way. I’ve always liked Second more than Deadwood lmao
Don’t kill children
I’m here for this
@Bolt1021: thank you! I'm pretty happy with them
@Shadow_Strikr: I...know, that’s why I said it, because it’s ironic lol
@orgostevani: aksgdhsjas you got me!! I’m not tired uwu I’m dead
@Shadow_Strikr: you follow very unfunny people *cough*
I really love the backgrounds for this page Silver!! Those autumn vibes are fantastic
@WiispNightmare: (oh ok for a moment I just thought I was dumb)
Vayvi looked devastated as she stared at her two friends in disbelief. Sam cocked their head at the scarf mon.
"Wait, I'm confused..." Sam started slowly. "Uh, you just mentioned the objective pokemon has the right to decline... why does Vayvi need to go with you then?" Sam scratched at the ground. These guild pokemon were so confusing.
This isn't joke yall btw ;w;

yall probably noticed that I skipped last week's update. I had a bit of a rough week lol. Still haven't completely recovered, so I thought it'd just be a good time to take a break from the comic. I don't want to get burned out and I've had like, no motivation. So I'll be skipping the next couple of updates.
Thanks for all the support yall, I hope to get back to regular updates soon! <3