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Hi, I'm ShadowStalker1128! Buuuuut you can call me Shadow, or Shad, or Stalker, or 1128 lol. I feel ridiculous saying this because we are on a comic hosting site, but I'm a comic writer/artist.

I love to draw and stuff. I play the violin and do archery and some other stuff you probably don't care about, but mostly I draw. I would very much like to do something art related in my career, but y'know, without the starving part. I have a plan to fake my death so I become famous, and then magically come back to life and be rich >:D
(get it? Because artists are only famous once they die? Yeah I get it I'm not funny.)

So anyways, my main comic is called Legends of Shadows and is a Pokemon fan comic. It takes place after a civil war between the Legendaries n' stuff. So yeah. It's pretty neat if I do say so myself XDD
But yeah, I also have some other stuff on here like an art dump and a couple collabs.
Check out my stuff, especially LoS!
Or you could not.
Your loss though
Isn’t it the river where Lyre was found? You showed it in Discord
@Aura flame: I don’t need one if you don’t have one lmao, I can use your profile pic. I was asking just in case :p
@Aura flame: I’m so sorry, I completely forgot. What was your request again?

Man I should really make a list DX
@WildfireK: Yeah but your readers usually go up whenever you update
I bet if you didn't update daily you wouldn't get as many
@WildfireK: readers are based on how much you update i think
like if you update a lot you get more readers
@WildfireK: don’t welcome me yet it might go away
@WildfireK: ;////;

Also heck I know right
So happy with myself XD
that one moment when you realize that you're releasing a dragon comic, but you've never practiced dragon poses and expressions

1- Classic smile!
2- eheheeeee...abouuuuut that...
3- ohmygodican'tbelieveididthatinfrontofhim
4- you son of a bitch
5- Roar! (or yawn, rip i can't draw roars)
6- when you drop your muffin :'(
That’s why you should always read the small print on the contract before signing :)
@WildfireK: aaaaahhhh what thanks so much ;w;

requested by BlueEevee362
at least i think it was, it was a guest who replied but ehh
also you never specified what color the ribbon was lmao

before you guys start yes i know everything is off, but i redrew this so many times. This is as good as it gets, so shut it

also requests are closed for now. I'll finish the ones that were requested prior to this message, but from now on don't bother requesting somehting until i say they're open. I'll just deny it lmao