**Profile Pic made by WiispNightmare. I only claim the character, not the art.

Hi, I'm Shadow! I'm a person who is just trying to share my art 'n stuff without getting caught. Yay me.

I love to read, listen to music, and waste my life playing War Dragons. Wait. Forget that last one. Ummm I also like to play tennis and do archery.... and play War Dragons. *shot* RAWR. I'm socially awkward IRL, but not so much on the Internet. I might be shy at first, but pretty soon you won't be able to shut me up. Feel free to talk to me about anything (like War Drag- *tackled*), I won't bite =D

Check out my main comic, Legends of Shadows, a fan-made comic that puts a dark twist in the Pokémon world. And if you enjoy Warrior Cats, my side-comic Genetics might prove interesting. Be sure to stop by my art gallery for random art!

Peace out!
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@Midnight-fox18: alright, so it could work. Ok not sure if I'm gonna risk getting my friend in trouble, by I can always find another excuse to get it. Anyways, could you give me some info on the way the app works? Like the making of an account and such? I'm kinda being paranoid i guess. I know my mom prooobabaly wouldn't get like catsuit over it (okay she might) but my dad will surely kill me. I'm not sure if I'm willing to risk all my internet stuff. I dunno, maybe we could PM about it (because these are getting long)
JESUS what is UP with Genetics and getting fans?! 0-0
@RioBlitzle: thanks!

Those wings took forever, I couldn't get them to fit properly on it's back :P
@Midnight-fox18: I want to! I really do! You people on line have all these jokes and get along so well and I want to be a part of that! Since I have little good friends irl, being a part of a group here would be really nice!
@LightEclipse: she's confused with the older version I think
@Midnight-fox18: Line is an app, correct? Mom has this thing in which she sees all the apps I download. If it's not an app I can sure as hell try

Edit: maybe I can get a friend of mine to do line or something and use that as an excuse to get it. (She's my best friend in the entire world. She's the only person I know out of the Internet that knows I have an account)
@LightBlueBlaze: really? That's very interesting :D
You like dinos? Or did you just randomly read that somewhere? XD
Yes! Like you could combine the Half Blood one and UtS and make the half shiny eevee have two different personalities that surface at different times or something! I dunno I'm bad at ideas XD
All I know is that it could be good. All your ideas seem gud >:3
@LightEclipse: This was done in Procreate. I gave up on MediBang; your art is far better than mine there

I do! At first, I didn't like LoS. Like, I liked it, but the beginning sucks! Now that I'm going over the script, there are a million things I could have done better. But now that I'm actually moving on, I'm getting excited! It's ok though; sometimes it takes a while to find something you want to draw. I started like 20 personal comics at home, and like 18 didn't make it past the first page! Then I took all my older ideas and kinda mushed them together, added some stuff here and there... BOOM! LoS.
I'm not sure this is helping. Ugh.
I'm just saying take your time to figure out something that you're really excited about, and don't let haters get the best of you. Just keep your head high; some people really enjoy your work! (Like me!)

I don't even remember why I'm an author I'm not even in LINE
Well. You don't remember your name, buuut you do remember your favorite color. Why not XD
@rave917: There's:
Xola the Elgyem (Critic)
Claire the shiny Eevee (Pokémon Fun and Craziness)
Zorri the shiny Zorua (SilverEevee)
Pinto the Growlithe (WiispNightmare)
Isaiah the Bayleef (WriterRaven)
Rin the Espeon (LightEclipse)