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currently undergoing mitosis
Strange thing to point out but I like her freckles,,,,
warrior code my ass lmao

in case its not obvious Brokensky (gray cat) is telekinetic
I love the composition of this piece Silver!!
@Aura flame: yeah!!!! That made me happy even tho I was sobbing
@AuraFlame: yEA but like nobody ever remembers him ;w;
THANK YOU for including Harley he doesn’t get a lot of love ;w;
@Silver Eevee: Phineas and Ferb you are SO busted!!
Patchy ik I already said this but I absolutely love this aaaaa
It’s so so impressive aaaaa
@ShadowStalker1128: no not much better what the fuck me
@Violet ___ ___: I’m going to be honest with you Violet, i don’t give a shit lmao
@RioBlitzle: lol you’re good!! I misread yours too haha
Yeah I’m just destroying them In General
@RioBlitzle: wait are you also abolishing chapter covers lmao
Fuck covers just One Big Splash Page uwu
scout wasnt gonna come back but yknow what fuck the script they're back

I really appreciate comments, but please remember to keep them strictly comic-related! (Specifically MY comic related lol)
"it's horrific and surreal"

I am extremely excited to see this
ok yall here goes uwu
I changed some stuff, based on something I saw someone doing with I thought was a good idea. So I'm scrapping the whole chapter cover and name thing since I can never think of a good chapter cover or name. so from now on chapter "covers" will just be splash pages lol
I'll probably go through and change the other ones eventually
I want the "updates every saturday" thing back on the page so. I'm gonna,,,, post this lol

chapter 3 soon <3