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hopelessly obsessed with dragons and fantasy tbh, be warned

it was at this moment he knew he fucked up
if you dont pay attention in class the teachers will haunt you
ignore the drawing lol its super quick and sloppy, only reason its the noivern is cause yall seemed to like her so here she is again

more like idk how many people read news posts so im just gonna put this here; dont expect consistent Saturday updates! It's not gonna happen anytime soon. I'm not going into specifics because I'm sure nobody cares; point is, LoS will not be updating every Saturday. If I happen to have a page done it'll update Saturday, but dont expect it to be weekly. It'll be pretty inconsistent for now. Thanks for yall that read this, Volt thinks you're valid

My DA:
LoS Discord Server:
If you join my server pls read the rules and don’t be an asshole :)
Its a smaaall world aaaaafter all
I don’t know if this has already been mentioned (hhh I really need to reread) but this whole “magic sickness” making Myu go nuts is probs why Gamma killed Clara (since she’s infected too) so yknow,,, rip Opal. She ded
@ILapras: yep that’s a shiny skitty, by the time I realized how similar the colors were it was too late lmao
@Pokemon Fun and Craziness: yes the innocent skitty!!!
@Hardychuckle: markings look off because I usually tweak the designs a bit
@cloudpool: it her!! The bitch herself!!
@BearFangs: “then perish”, she says
aa sorry this is so late I hate this page, I redid it so many times and I still dont like it but whatever i cant even look at it anymore,, begone, thot

me: lets make all the pokemon semi equal so that no one is too OP or anything
also me: mm yes thats nice, but lets make dragon types better than everyone else
me: ,,yeah ok! but lets not really have any dragon characters, thats a bit much and take long to draw-
also me: <img src=" height="500">
I can confirm, I learned this last month
@Firestar1224: usually pages go up Saturday mornings. I haven’t recently because of school, but I’ve got one ready for tomorrow :)
well alright then Sturgeon hkjhfjdkg
Toivo sweetie I don’t think that’s your choice
@PokeMash: what the fuck I commented that like 2 years ago