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Hi, I'm ShadowStalker1128! Buuuuut you can call me Shadow, or Shad, or Stalker, or 1128 lol. I feel ridiculous saying this because we are on a comic hosting site, but I'm a comic writer/artist.

My main comic is called Legends of Shadows. It's a fan-made Pokemon adventure! It's a story with an 'antagonist' and a 'protagonist' as main characters, so you'll get to see two very interesting sides of the same story.
My side comic is called Genetics. It's a Warrior Cats comic! But it's in a dystopian future world where everything is radioactive.
I'm also working on 2 collabs! I am working on Mapleshade's Vengeance with Zorri, and I am working on Souls Intertwined with Rin.

Alright, you are free to go read them now.
I said READ them, you peasants
Do it now, or I will find you
I warned you

seriously though go read them pretty please
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Hey guys! I’m here with a question for you! I’ve been trying to decide but tbh I don’t care either way, so I’m letting you guys choose.
What would you prefer? Weekly updates at a certain day or random updates? (When I get a page done)

If it were weekly at a certain day, you guys would get one page for sure every week at a specific day (unless something happens), so you guys would know exactly when to come looking for an update. With the random updates, there is a chance I get hit with inspiration and produce more than one page in a week, but there is also the chance that the wait might be a bit more than a week.
Vote here!
long story short, I'm making a buffer, thought I'd post this since its the last page and all, yadda yadda. I had to make this page twice since Medibang crashed. I had to make that grass twice. K I L L M E
but yeah, minor design changes, I'm basing Breeze a bit off a devon rex. Plus I changed Hawk’s eye color and stripes.

ONCE AGAIN, NOT OFF HIATUS. Just chew on this for a bit :3
@Coffeecat: mightyena and Persian ;)
@Skylar101: Skittles! That’s his name now!
@WildfireK: an orb, like the one on their crown
And thanks!
I prefer the actual shiny umbreon ^^;
Started off as a doodle in English class, but I ended up really liking it so I finished it XD
I tried out a new method of coloring/shading, and I really like it. Imo it looks like his mane thingy is strokable :3
And this only took me like an hour wow

He’s kinda based off the Rainbow Dragon from DragonVale <s>but this one is cooler</s>

I started working on the next request, so don’t bug me about that please :3
@-FluorescentScales-: sure! So do you want to look kind of angry, or just cocky? :3
@Nashew: that is all I see now XDD
Sorry for baaaad quality the weather has been awful recently so good pictures are not an option :Y
God I wish I could use a scanner ;-;

I am not satisfied with this page, but oooooh well lol
That's it for the Prologue folks! Hope you guys enjoyed it, and thanks so much for 175 fans! Cover for Chapter one should be out in like, a week? Maybe less, who knows :P

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but the Pokémon in the second panel is a fakemon originally designed by EeveeEon. The design belongs to her, the character is mine
Your shading has really improved, but I’m not sure how much I dig this lineless style. It makes your characters look more lumpy :P
Less explosions sounds great.
@WildfireK: it doesn’t require that much stamina XD
It’s pretty easy
And super fun

I’m coming for you, record >:3
@WildfireK: wow
Today at track practice I finally got to do my 200 meters XD
My legs were kinda sore because of something else I had done so I wasn’t able to do full speed
But it was fun
And at the end I got like 5 comments about how “fucking fast” I am XD