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Ok this is a bit random but I am wondering how you would tackle diglett with your style.
That thought process came from me realizing that to get diglett on pelipper to go back you'd have to get diglett out of the ground, and finally Expose what diglett looks like

Idk why I think about these things. Great page, I'm really excited for Mt Steel :D
@Flareon1225: oh nothing really! The volume and brightness were broken, and I think they’re fixing something with the battery
Sorry guys there’s no page today hhh, my laptop is being fixed and i haven’t gotten it back yet. Hopefully I’ll have it back next week to finish a page but tbh who knows!! I’ve got no clue how long it’ll be. Most likely not very long but just letting y’all know just in case. Thanks for your patience <3
Nick is too pure for this world

I think one of my favorite parts of the comic (especially in this chapter!) is the atmosphere and colors you use to deliver mood. I think you do a fantastic job! :D
i know what yall are thinking lmao. "shad seriously you had an extra week to work on this page and you still got lazy with the crowd?" the answer is yes lmfao
I needed a way to make it look very crowded without having to draw out every single Pokemon since I'm gonna have to draw it again and again during this scene

anyways this page has some cameos from my discord server peeps. there will be more next page
who wrote trans rights on the board I'd like to shake their hand

also I'd bet its Artemis
Thank you, pablo_backyardigains_fan_420
<img src="">

No page next week! I'm going on a trip and I didn't finish in time. Was too busy watching Game of Thrones. There may or may not be filler, we'll see.
I DID finally update the fanart section <s>after what, a year? yikes.</s>
@EeveeEon: yea I’ve kinda LEARNED TO ASSUME THAT-
Wild guess, that’s probably not allowed
i cant go see it for ages cause my parents don't want to go to the movies since its expensive so i have to wait until it can be rented :,,3
Well they DO have that iconic zorua eyeliner rather than the normal smeargle markings so it is possible
@Aura flame: oh ok! Nah, I’m fine either way (in fact it may be easier for you to do it), i was just wondering what was most convenient for you uwu
@Ventimon: altaria is totally a dragon! They’ll look more like a bird then a dragon in my style def but since they’re dragon type it would apply to them but only once they evolve into Altaria; swablu is normal uwu
BUT some species grow more/quicker than others. Usually Pokémon that were always dragon type (like the dratini line) will grow more then Pokémon that turn into dragons later on (like trapinch). So while Altaria will def not grow as big as a Dragonite they will be bigger than the other birds uwu
I saw someone mention the whole "sleeping for a week" last page so I'm gonna share a bit of dragon lore with yall. Scout was not kidding when they said they'd sleep for a week! dragons do that! once they evolve to their second form, they start like, constantly growing. second form is when they grow the most, so, to reserve energy, dragons sleep. like. a lot. once they evolve into their final evolutions, the growth slows down, but it's still there! so the older the dragon the more massive the dragon is. They can be *huge*. that's why mons will barely ever see any dragon except first evolution in cities and towns; they have their own civilization in the mountains. most mons stay away since they're considered dangerous. so ye, important detail for something in a couple pages :3 BTW!! this only applies to actual dragon types!! dragon look alikes like charizard do not apply. Also neither does Alolan exegguter because that's not a fucking dragon.

tldr; dragons are very rare and big, alolan exegguter isnt a fucking dragon
ik you said no lyrics but like intros have like the title and such, do you want me to add that or will you??
"don't kill innocents" "better than me",,,,, did the dad kill someone and get kicked out of where he used to live because of it??