**Profile Pic made by WildFireK. He's really cool, and writes really neat poetry. Check him out here!

Hi, I'm Shadow! I'm a person who is just trying to share my art 'n stuff without getting caught. Yay me.

I love to read, listen to music, and waste my life playing War Dragons. Wait. Forget that last one. Ummm I also like to play tennis and do archery.... and play War Dragons. *shot* RAWR. I'm socially awkward IRL, but not so much on the Internet. I might be shy at first, but pretty soon you won't be able to shut me up. Feel free to talk to me about anything (like War Drag- *tackled*), I won't bite =D

Check out my main comic, Legends of Shadows, a fan-made comic that puts a dark twist in the Pokémon world. And if you enjoy Warrior Cats, my side-comic Genetics might prove interesting. Be sure to stop by my art gallery for random art!

Peace out!
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The tail isn't a bit thick, but otherwise I don't think it's bad!

Also my ref is now outdated. Shiiiit
@LightEclipse: oh lol

I don't think my style looks very professional tho XD
@LightEclipse: my older cousins suck. They request stuff too. At least I can tell them without them going crying to their parents saying I'm really mean
Sorry about this awfulness I drew it on my iPad, but since it has no wifi I took a picture and posted it from my phone

Hey look 2 ugly fish
I'll make refs, once I have time

Tess and Volt

Dusty and Breezeclaw
So I was sitting in a corner hiding from all my cousins, drawing a RainWing (I might post that later). One of my little cousins found me. He saw my dragon and asked if I could draw Pokemon. I was like 'yuuuup'. So then he demanded I drew him a Charmander. So I drew him a Charmander. When I did finished he showed everybody, so then everybody started requesting crap. Thanks a lot
Alright. So most of you know that I'm in California. We were going to meet with other family in Yosemite. So we got there and it was all nice and stuff. The house was huge (we were 17 people) and it seemed it was going to be enjoyable, despite all my annoying small cousins. Later I go to my grandmother (she arranged it all) and asked her what the wifi password was. She just laughed and told me there was no wifi.
No wifi.
No War Dragons
No Internet
No Pandora
For 4 days.
I can't believe I survived. I have wifi now and I will be posting doodles I made during the trip. Sorry I didn't tell you guys I couldn't contact y'all and I didn't know there would be no wifi. Welp
@WildfireK: worst of all, I may not even get Dazing's (the dragon I want) pieces. There are like 5 others I could get that I already have with the breeding combination I'm using. 5 I already have ;-;
@wifijoe: I've been 1 away too, but only in a 60-piece dragon ;-;
@WildfireK: wellll you can't buy them. Well you can, but with real money. You have to win them through missions
@WildfireK: lol I know sorry

Im a dirty child halp
Hawksoar. You will not be missed XD