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They/them pronouns, please.
If you’re interested in my work, head to my DA. I’m way more active there. It’s linked below.
@Sky207: e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg e.jpg

hh this is all I have left
@Sky207: I can check if I have some still
i screamed with joy
update next week
Leave the bean alone!!! D:<
I wheezed you fucking saved ShadxPretty Child
@TheMewgon40: yeah, same color, and without pupils too
it's all one solid color, unlike the other character's
mew is very plausible, especially with all the legendary masks going on
oh wait
he didn't know????
o h
I knew that Lopunny was sketchy ahadhsj
love that last panel transition :3
@42Meep: yeah sorry i don’t have spell check on my program I use
I’ll fix it tomorrow, thanks
Hey yall! I might be skipping next week's update because I have stuff to do this week! Thanks for your patience <3
playing around with the background-

If you're wondering where Tess and Volt are now, they are in an unnamed village of sorts in the outskirts of Cecpedine City. The houses look small and kina makeshift because they aren't made by builders or whatever, they're made by normal pokemon that can't afford to live in the city. Cecpedine in pretty poor by city standards anyways. Pokemon build and settle nearby so they can still go to Cecpedine for work without having to live there. I'll give out more info next page ^^
@ultrawandit: no YOU'RE wonderful, so if you're allowed to do it so am I
did someone say self loathing
@WiispNightmare: moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Warriors based. Leafpaw and the moonpool
The Arcanine huffed, straightening. "Greetings, young vee. We are Team Enigma. We are not from around these parts. We are looking for someone, however, we have become lost." He shook his head. "Could you help us find our way?"
The Zoraork pushed to the front, earning a glance from arcanine. "Ah, yes. We wish to be taken to the town. Would you happen to know the way?"