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i like video games anime and other stuff. im the typical nerd
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This comic is actually way better than the actual show. Wish it was like this instead of shitty slice of life with crappy beach city episodes.
October 13th, 2017
@JinxazuMarai: Oh thank you. I totally couldn't figure it out myself -_-
favorite Order of No quarter member ? favorite wanderer boss ? Favorite stage music ?
Will she make it ? Will she not ? Idk never liked her. Its clear that this comic is SJW bullshit
Oh my..... I didn't know she was into that
September 29th, 2017
When will we get to the giant robots ?
September 28th, 2017
Oke nvm then.....
September 26th, 2017
Then why isn't she stopping him ? God this is like every fucking boring ass shonen anime. Once again the female characters are fucking worthless
Never really liked her anyways
Wait he's down already
Of course he can't fly. He doesn't have that fucking HM yet.
Nice page good sir !!!!
Oh boy i wonder who's gonna be the finalists........ I can smell the plot armor from here
Yay new page of the genwunner comic. Lets see how stupid this fight gets
I mean punching Monsters sounds cooler. But then again she doesn't look like the type that uses brute force
"We're too late......She's gone....."

No shit sherlock
I didn't know Kevin was turned into a gemstone
This reminds me of Iron man combined with power rangers and kamen rider
Good choice having their facial expressions visable. I always hated hats/helmets that covered the eyes