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i like video games anime and other stuff. im the typical nerd
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    Nino Bijlsma
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Oohh we finally gonna meet his little sister ?
September 3rd, 2018
Oh god no. Don't do this.......
Well i agree with your sister. Disgusting !!!!
Is George based on a friend of yours cause i can totally imagine a friend like that.
I mean no offence but if my fucking legs then i wouldn't be the happiest guy either. Does the stupid sister actually get that idea through her thicc skull ?
Looks cool !!!
Whats next ? Hammer head shark ?.... That would be rad
May 10th, 2018
So are they all death or..........
@Meloh: No but Zombie girl kinda looks like Rei.
Ayanami Rei never really was the same after being revived by the local voodoo cult in Tokyo-3
April 22nd, 2018
Ah the classic "They are still alive after all !!" Totally not tiring at all..........
@LilBruno: Aha also who uses a Gengar already in the game ?
What a bs fight. There was no risk there at all.
So we are at the part where he get kicked out of the house ?
@H0lyhandgrenade: I think its a popular theme with alot of comics on this site
We are almost near the end of this depressing fairy tale......But we still got the depressing pokemon adventure to look out for !!!!
March 1st, 2018
@SysterSyn: Still the same fucking game over and over
February 26th, 2018
Oh boy another gen 1 comic...........That isn't an overused gen at all......