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Oh no!! Lorem Ipsum was the standout ship of 'Non-specific Hospital™'!!!
self-fulfilling prophesassy
Haha, well at least they were prepared for indigestion to be the problem!
choking hazard
I wonder if they both lose if they both get mold on themselves.

If not, hopefully the refs can tell who goop'd who!
"Babble Funch"
I wonder if this thing is translating the opposite of what Lexi says, or if it just has an asshole mind of it's own.

Sort of unrelated, but I caught myself reading the bird's dialogue in Ricky Gervais' voice.

I think it's because it said "arsed" earlier, and Ricky Gervais himself sounds like a kookaburra.
Dang, Rose took being called a monster like a CHAMP

I wish there were a real LK parody comic like this. I'd love to see how other LK characters are horribly misrepresented.
@Dark: Hey now! Don't forget about Willa's-Biggest-Fan #2, AKA Jane!
Fido Freeze is best doggo
@Psych: @Dugar: FF is a super fun read!

Also it's free and people who read it are scientifically proven to be smart and cool!
@Jay: It's probably just a little gassy
@myIDID: Heh, must've been a BlackBlood.
New Comic H Y P E
COOL! I wonder what happens if every roll from here on out is a critical fail? I remember a part of Evan's delve comic was that characters could straight up die if they rolled poorly enough.

Also y'all should really check out Evan's delve comic if you got the chance, it's a hoot!
Wait, her stripes aren't supposed to be visible? By god, does that mean anyone could be a fairy!?!
@Psych: OH COOL!
@Dark: Nice catch! I wonder if that’s significant at all? That thing was able to respond to her phone somehow, I wonder what it being gone means?

Speaking of missing personal belongings, Rex’s butt disappeared! All that’s left of it is a ghostly apparition! RIP
Aw yeah! Monster-girl Kaiju-fight!
Woo! New arc, new characters, can’t wait to see where this adventure takes them.

@Karl: Heh, something tells me that Jackie charges full price for their services.
@tronn: Of course he does! Whose day doesn’t brighten up at the sight of a big ol’ sparkling Phanny
D'aww. Poor Embalmer just needs a good talking to is all. I'm sure with enough counseling he can go back to being a law-abiding good boy.
Well, it's good she realized Bridget's phone needed to charge *before* she started vivisecting her.

Hopefully she has a good idea of how much of a charge it takes to get Bridget's organs all back in place.
@Dugar: I don't think so. Galondria doesn't have as well-defined arms as this kid, and she's always drawn with thick eyelashes. She also has more of a button shaped nose whereas this kid has a v-shaped nose.