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Cpt. Johannes Wyss von Krieg
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@Vinglo: Long Blue Hair in panel 2, Shorter Height and correct proportions in panels 4 and 5.
You need to educate yourself on the Term "Sexist" before throwing it with no thought.
An entire Loaf of Bread just for yourself? It is way above the efficient nutritional value per meal, young Commissar.
I suggest moving to the more standard food of Corpse-Strach or even the fine delicacy of Standard Rations if you are feeling in a festive mood.
Judging by the blue hair in panel 2, can we conclude that it is, in fact, a Tech Priest-ess?
*ahem* What do you mean 'Only 2 reliable commanders'? So we Kriegsmen are less trustworthy than the 2nd Sons?
@Nevaraon: Combat Spades are used when the optimal range and maneuverability for a Bayonet becomes impossible to achieve or when the Guardsmen is caught in Melee unprepared. It is a backup weapon often used.
@Talancir: Stagsimus: Hah! You never seen what the Tau Techno-Heresy can do!
"Smack to the Face" Maneuver was added to the Death Korps of Krieg database, it will be used against Mechanical Units as a replacement to Bayonet.
Huzzah, Morale Restored!
@Metal C0Mmander: I'm already there mate. Johannes Wyss von Krieg is my name there too
A wee tiny problem
Without a Commissar for extended periods of time, even Kriegsmen can fail Morale Checks. Just like we did now.
Now we are truly doomed.
A ship better than Aetta√óTalon is Brinton√óBush!
Brinton' Symptoms as of yet: Hunger for metal-based materials as seen in bite marks on equipment, Blue Circutry-like shapes growing on skin, Hair Loss, Fat Loss as seen on face, and nightly puking as seen in the shape of a bucket near the bed.

Possible Medical Solution: Apply Bolter Ammo directly on Brain. Repeat if Commissar/ Doctor deems it nessecary.
@peachpunk: Now it's back up, seems alright. whatever blessing of the Omnissiah you've invoked, thank you!
Uh guys? The Server is down for some reason, the message says:
"SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known [2002]"
Is this just me or something else?
Xeno Intelligence point that an Eldar Spy was within our ranks and no one burned the entire camp after that! Fetch my Bolt-Pistol Private, We are going on a *BLAMMING* Trip!
Looks like the burning Motor Pool turned to a more popular tourist attraction than the local Bar!
++Beware Shitty Fanfic Ahead! Even the Emperor can't protect you from this horror! Read at your own risk and report to the Regimental Commissar upon completion!++

9453/8-201 : Kommandant, requesting access to the Company Requisition List to add an object important to sustain morale.
9453/1-101 : Nein, Soldatin! You already have the Caiphas Cain Limited Edition of Hairpins, Holo-vids and even the one time anniversary special manufactered full miniature replica of Commissar Cain! Even the small Bolt Pistol works, You you used it on that Narisian Owl yesterday! Nein, no more special requests to be added into the log.
9453/8-201: But if I die in service to the Emperor in the next assault?
9453/1-101: I'll consider it then.
Thank You!
Hello Eagle Ordinary team! I have just received the Candlemas Postcard via mail (Knitting Emperor)! I just wanted to say big Thank You for making such an amazing comic and sharing it with us. May the Emperor light your path and the Omnissiah bless your cogitators!
Why Do you need help from the BIG I? Just call in the Krieg lads and tell them to garrison the place. I can guarantee things will run very smoothly!