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I love sad stories. Is it ironic how they make me happy?
HQ Version:

It's not a page. But it's a sign that we are gonna be back soon. We apologize for the super late update. Q_Q A lot of things happened and both of us are busy atm. We wanted to celebrate our Yuzuru's birthday but I got really occupied. Q_Q I'm about 80% done on the next page so we'll probably have it up next week.
Busy work days are still gonna continue, but hopefully we get back to weekly updates in a few weeks.
Please hang in there and thank you so much for your support and love. <3
Admit it. You were waiting for The Moment!! XD lolol
Hello. Things happened (life for Nachi and Mystic Messenger for me lol) and we weren't able to update sooner. + this page took longer than expected lolol
Nachi the eggplant is currently busy with work so I'll be doing the update again this time~ I really enjoyed working on this page *u* Our colored pages will end REALLY soon. We'll be back to screentones. But if you are a fan of our colored pages, worry not 'cause we plan to make the first few pages of Chapter 3 colored again. I wanted to show you some special drawing I did of Sora, but maybe next time. I have a preview of it on my Twitter though
(´;ω;`) See you next update!
Thank you so much!!
@Byczekk: Wew! We're glad you liked his mandom face. *u* <3 Thank you!
He sees the dog shiet. He knew what will happen next! He plays the scene in his head, and right then and there he realizes... What he ought'a do. He runs! And--
*end commentary here*
I ran out of things to say ;A; Currently working on p29 so it might take a little while for us to update again. Nonetheless we hope you enjoy this page.
Thank you so much for reading!
Someone's prayer got heard. 8D A little to soon! w
Another colored page for our dear readers. *u*
These pages certainly take longer to render than our regular pages but please treat it as a small token of gratitude from us.
We hope you enjoy them. Thank you for reading!
@YukixKaname1 @HeavierThanHeaven @Riaya:
I swear it happened to me a lot, too! Once it hit my teeth and it was super painful I thought my front teeth would come out. Q_Q
Chapter 2! Stay tuned for another update tomorrow :D We hope you will like the next few pages to come. (We worked extra hard on them)
Thank you for the comments and ratings--they really encourage us. *u*
@raytoons: You're welcome and thank you for the nice comment too!! ^u^

@Riaya: Ikr!! But no worries, Yuzu's still okay! (still! lol xD haha)

@JunnGerl: Thank you so much!! We're glad you're enjoying it!~
For better quality:

More colored pages for our dear readers~ Wonder why was Yuzu bummed when he got assigned to SC Labor Duties? Well... Let him show you what he does!

Last Extra comic strip for this chapter, too!
Thank you so much for reading "Letters in Between" We hope that you enjoyed our extra comics. ^^ The next update will be Chapter 2!
We'll get the story rollin'!
August 16th, 2016
OMG ERI-TAN! AN UPDATE~ YAY! *dances around* I love how Kuri-senpai looks so happy seeing Makki~ <3
Hi there! We finally wrapped up the first chapter--which was something like a prologue. We know that we're up to a slow start, but we honestly just wanted to build some good foundation ;A; We wanna thank you so much for sticking with us until we finished Chapter 1. ;A; Anyway, here are Yuzu and Rei's profiles! I drew these way back so the art looks a little different. The other profiles will be posted next chapter! But that's not all~ We have some extra strips coming this week, so stay tuned! Thank you for the comments and ratings, they makes us happy! *u*
@puali: <3 Thank you! *offers cookies* ;A; Accept mi love!! Haha!

@YukixKaname1 @Riaya @Azuly: You guys deserve some candies!! Hihi! Confidential envelopes are always suspicious. *wink wink*
As always, thank you for reading and rating our pages. ^^ We're almost done with Chapter 1 and we hope you're enjoying this comic so far and our early updates as much as we enjoy making it. Somebody, give this girl some tissues. Quick!
C-Can you feel it? 8D
Sorry for the late upload, it was my birthday the other day and I was quite busy. Huuuu I feel so old! But anyway here's the next page! Chapter 1 is almost over! It was more like a prologue to introduce our characters, hopefully you'll enjoy the coming chapters too. Thank you for reading!
A few more pages before Chapter 1 finishes.
The SC Pres is someone you wouldn't wanna mess up with. lol

Thank you for reading.
Also we have a Facebook page for our BL and fujoshi-related stuff. ^^
Thanks for reading.
I don't know if you guys like things like this :(
It's 7.17 here so we're posting this special page for the birthday boy. And yep, here are our boys in color. ^u^ Please take care of them from here onward. We'll be posting the next page tonight! Thank you for subscribing!
You'll learn more of these boys soon. :) Thank you for reading.
EDIT: Background updated~ Major characters revealed. :>
@puali: Thank you for the comment! ^^ We're glad you liked it! <3