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@EXFalchion: Blow up the world obviously
pixel art
stare to get dizzy
One more fan please just one more
looks awesome
Smash him!!!!!!

Absorb him!!!!!!

Eat him!!!!!!
I will make my fans
If you want to you can comment also please spread the word.

You can read these in any order

PS: i'm hoping to get 100 fans
This is Sparkless he is in one of my comics
This is my profile pic
Do you like it?
where did he go? ...
Umbreon yay
bad spell me do
too loud
Way to much sound turn the speakers off
Yay me!!!
PS: 9rainbowtails drew this
Hello, I'm Version 2.5 and this is my webcomic. I hope you enjoy it. Please provide be with constructive criticism