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Let's see I'm a supposedly hyper active "cute" person. I act like a cat. I like Japanese stuff, I'm a Yaoi fan girl... I'm being told I'm a bookworm... And I like the genres of Fantasy, Romance, Science fiction (kinda), and Mystery.
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So many choices!
Um... I say either 1 or 5. I like all the ideas, but... I'd rather see 1 or 5. Perferbily 1.
Hm... This is really interesting so far! I can't wait to see more! And Suzy is really, really adorable X3!
Is that Meiko in a dress? O.o;
Nice... Though you know, for some reason whenever I look at the person in the princess dress, I can't help but think of Meiko. >-<; (You know, feme vocaloid voice program thing...) Yeah...

Anyways, can't wait for the next page!
*squee* They're so cute!!! ^-^!!!

That really sucks about the bug and the dress.... >.>;
*tries to hit Erik over head and stop him* Nooo! Don't cut your hair!!!! It's frikin'

*reads authors comic agian* Oh. That's what he's doing...? ...still... T-T his hair is more awesome the way it was...