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I don't want to have a gender cause I am what I want to be. got wattpad if so feel free to talk to me cause I'm lonely

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Boy why you were just raped
@Riaya: I didn't snort but a bird sound came out of me
September 9th, 2016
@CuteMissyCat: but I don't want him to mommy
August 2nd, 2016
Please don't tell me Trent was in a abusive relationship too!?!
hug him
I don't like hi. But no don't kill him
I think his hurt tho
July 19th, 2016
July 18th, 2016
no! Sai youre not useless!
I want to play it but I cant download things on my computer
I know it!
those are some nic asses
Well you come back? And finish the story?
I love this guy!
oh I know whats happening! the cat is trying to save him
Someone help this poor child
You big dummy you should have said I want to be a pirate