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So, I like drawing a lot. I think I'm going to make some comics, I know what I want to make them about, It's just a matter of making them.
I want to make a comic about my favourite Zelda game, Minish Cap, and one about some Pokemon OCs I have, so I can get practice with making comics before I move on to one about my own world.

I post often on O.C Amino, I don't have the link, but I'm Auzzy the Ozzie there. If anyone can tell me how, I'll change my username, but otherwise, I'll make a new account.
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I'm fully expecting her to say Her name,
And then for Harold to be like "What?"
Then assistant to be like "My name is (name)"
I found this comic yesterday, And i LOVE IT!!!
I didn't expect to catch up so fast though
That's one reason i'm glad I can't stomach chocolate, No eating way too much on Easter!
I just now saw the new cover page thing and I LOVE it! It's even better since I have the original one of that poster on my wall
Such an amazing comic! I loved the characters and the story! It was definitely worth reading!
It's the complete opposite for me XD
I'm staying where its cold until Summer ends
Don't you know not to kiss a sick person? It'll make you sick! XD
I'm really liking this so far!
I just now realized that Yuki probably doesn't have a bra. And if he was borrowing one of Amaya's that would just be weird...
I found a typo, He said "If you use it on Pasku, He will evolves" But it should of been "evolve" I hope i helped :)
@Falconer: Its getting to warm :(
Sweater weather is just ending for me :(
Those are so cool!!
I don't really know what Ace attorney is apart from its a video game, so i don't really get the AA jokes, But i still enjoy reading them :)
She should've said "Shut up and let me love you"
...Whats the read pages early club?
I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to charge my things :/
What are student debts?
I hate that i don't have any money to buy this stuff >:(
We always forget to put up the tree until like, The 15th or something, And never end up taking it down until halfway through January
Im only 13 and my feet are already bigger than my mum's...