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Love BL manga. Avatar-> Devoto: Music in Hell "#57-Shake on It"
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it will be nice for Brand to show up!
Well do what you must in order to survive. You have alot of backing, so do whatever you can.
Happy that you are able to contiue this comic. Levka is too cute!
@Mikko: There not even Puritans... they only pretend to care about morality in public & in private they do unspeakable things to real ppl not comic ppl. they really are hypocrites backed by money!
October 2nd, 2019
Wow Sooch & his everlasting blush! He certainly cannot deny he has feeling for Howie. What will he do???
October 2nd, 2019
That Bluuuuush! so darn adorable!
October 2nd, 2019
Awwww! Sooch now knows in his heart that he has special feelings for Howie. "Absence really does make the heart grow fonder"
Great to hear you are literally "moving" into a better life!
October 2nd, 2019
Yeah get well soon!
Well now we know what caused those plants to sprout..."Now & So fast". All u need is Love!All u need is Love, Love, Love!
The suspense is killing me! I wanna know what Ivo & Dragosh has become!
@Kimmikala: imma try to DM you!
So happy Sooch wants to continue!
Thank you
I love this series: story & art!
OMG Mars take some love while it's been given to you!
I looooove seeing your work! I missed this series! Thank you for coming back to it!
@DaemonSineAnima: I saw that! Boy are his hope gonna be dashed!
Wow! He made it!
Awww very touching moment
Happy you back!