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Love BL manga. Avatar-> Devoto: Music in Hell "#57-Shake on It"
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The suspense is killing me! I wanna know what Ivo & Dragosh has become!
OOOOOOOOHHHHHhhhhhh! The sharing of the BLooOOOOOooood!!!!! Dun! Dun! Duuuun!
@Kimmikala: imma try to DM you!
So happy Sooch wants to continue!
Have fun in Italy! ppl are really nice there!
@WingFreak: OMG! Authentic Pizza in Italy is amazing! I have not tasted pizza as great since!
Thank you
I love this series: story & art!
Has Lev been dead that long that the concept of a job & being tired has slipped his mind?
OMG Mars take some love while it's been given to you!
I looooove seeing your work! I missed this series! Thank you for coming back to it!
Levka is so adorable. Wow, can't tell what he is thinking.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Work, so fun!
@DaemonSineAnima: I saw that! Boy are his hope gonna be dashed!
Wow! He made it!
Awww very touching moment
Happy you back!
I hope he asked him to be his "Big Z" and Yeah the story is back!
Happy to see you back. Your story has depth,appeal and the art is amazing!
December 25th, 2018
i think this is the night, Sooch is going to be on Howie like a band-aid!
December 21st, 2018
@sstogner1: True same hair and skin type