Love BL manga. Avatar-> Devoto: Music in Hell "#57-Shake on It"
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@di-chan: Gonna agree with u on that!
Is that Rishima on the horse?!!!!!
Poor thing! And he has no way to fight them!
very handsome angle in the 1st panel
@Scorpio730: gonna agree with u there girlie!
Novelty is cute, especially when we first met him and he was scowling and scolding Rishima!
I nuh wear nuh stinking shirt! I am Ravii, don't i ruk rike hotness.. . i am even red, yes, red hot!
uh ooohhh, someone is about to get a spanking, if not a tongue lashing!
Ravi looking absolutely adorable in the last panel. . . Maybe i'll just stay forever...
I AGREE wholeheartedly! I am appreciated u sharing ur imagination/story with us.
that face. . . he's like is Rishima a pervert?
Mr. Red Genie looking all defiant. . . so not working . . u just look too adorable over there!
Poor Red Genie this just means ur a bottom! Don't worry u'll like it later!
this looks interesting. i hope u continue this series!
Yeah, that definitely doesn't look good
The snake's eyes! the expressions!
Those faces... LOL!
LMAO . . . that struggle sure is real
Guess it's snake for dinner
He's so adorable!