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Love BL manga. Avatar-> Devoto: Music in Hell "#57-Shake on It"
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December 10th, 2017
@SerenityBaby: Thank u!
@KaiterSkate: yeah i was saw that too
Hope relocation do not count a wish #1!!!
I hope this will open Melissa's eyes and she can give up Hayden to his "Z", Marshall. She needs to quit being self, it's not about what she wants, it's what Hayden needs. Is she so selfish that she would see Hayden dead that find his "Z"?
@Shyguyhoneylover: I'm gonna agree!
Levka is so darn cute with the heart coming out of the heart
August 29th, 2017
I realllly like this story. see u on tapastic!
August 29th, 2017
Guess no one is stealing him outta that family without a fight!
August 28th, 2017
OMG! Ichi's letter and Ikumi...secksii!
August 27th, 2017
Glad u r still working on this story!
Blocked out the sun there!
It's Not gonna be a secret with that Mom killer guy around!
Loving that fish plushy!
Good job on Taki's hair in the last panel!
LOL . ..That hand!
OMG! All that chest hair!
August 26th, 2017
. . . More famous last words
August 26th, 2017
. . . Famous last words!
Is that the Queen?! Ari and ... aunt?