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I really like this story, such captivating characters.
December 4th, 2016
LMAO! ... Sentences. Lord, I was a slacker but not like him. After a while that kinda procrastination doesn't feel good.
lmao... dinner!
Wow Scaaary!
i am very happy those things u drew are only fiction or at present time cannot interact with my dimension. I would not ... let me put it this way, I would rather run into a 10ft alligator at night than one of those things in broad day light!!!!
October 7th, 2016
I am liking this series. I think u did such a good job on the story, that even if I did not like anything else, I would stay tune to find out what is going on and the outcome of this story.
However, u did do a great job also on the art, too. So, in a nutshell it is really nice to find a very good story, that catches me (the audience) and the art is great. I cannot wait to see how this story unfolds and how ur art progresses and improves as u go on. I do hope somehow this ends up being a long story too. U know how it is, we, the audience, never want something good to end.
October 7th, 2016
I knew Coen was gonna keep Noi cuz the cat liked him, that's how cat ppl behave.
Seeing his house, dahhhhh..., I wonder why Coen went into Psychiatry? I mean, I can't tell he is trying to fix himself or anything.... No not obvious at all.
@Zombie Cinnamon Coffee: u two are amazing at making up scary/swamp creatures!
@Tamerlane: thanks again for sharing this on-going series! I am totally enjoying this series!
@yasha.queen: I was hoping the same thing!
Wow, poor Mars.
@Tamerlane: Thanks for posting the sketch version. The quality is still good, so I can still enjoy the story and ur art! Thanks for sharing this story.
I have a feeling Mars is Hayden's ziopan & Melissa has been hiding it the whole time cuz she's a selfish C.U.Next.Tuesday!
I'm a very happy u posted the sketch version. it's nice to see what happens to Mars.
I'm a very happy u posted the sketch version. it's nice to see what happens to Mars.
I hope Dio makes Jace his "big" battery.
I wish Mars would just tell him what he suspect to either confirm or let him figure out the situation. And I think when that girl met Mars in the park, she knew he belonged to the other brother.
October 6th, 2016
AHHHHH! cliffhanger!
I enjoyed reading this series & seeing the evolution of ur art in the process. I hope to read more about Takumi-kun & his Sensei in the future.
The art is amazing. These are the kind of characters I wish I could see irl. Looking forward to seeing this story updating in a month or so. Great series!