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I surf.... yep well thats about all my life. Oh yeah I play guitar............ my favorite band is Switchfoot, and my favorite video game is Banjo-Tooie and OOT.
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Holy cow..
Holy cow this comic is good
hey is it just me, or is about every poster here have a sonic edited avatar?
SA? That mean sonic adventure?
wow, 5 minutes! I can do really good hand drawn sonics, but they take hourz. I could post one sometime on my comics. Like a awsome comic! Ceep up the amasing work!
coo new avatar
just got back from niagra falls (canada side) and new york city, might show pics of tripo
dude, sorry bout this but, whats up with your sprites, they are all twisted and some pixels are bigger than normal, fix that, and things will be awsome
wait, you made the 20th comic a comic about celebrating the 20th comic which wouldn't hae been a comic unless it was 20?
boom stick lol
it is crap I know, sorry for me being lazy. I just got a new guitar so I have been playing that instead of makng comics
wheres the pirates??
ketchup? that stuff always makes me gag! (no lie)
Donka :')
my birthday YEAH! Happy b-day me!
me no get it....
wow, sonic's already better at math than me....
heh this one is really good.