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if you wanna talk here-
i is trash
love the trash
im lonely
stop bye and say hi
i would like that
but who cares about me :'3
(i like spelling things wrong and the lack of capitals)
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    Allyson but call me farmer
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@WildfireK: oooooooooooooooh
this comic is going to be gamed based
happy (late) birthday Sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hoped you had a good day
and the cake is/was a lie
story- 19th i was at a friends place and i wasn't hungry(and i didn't want to eat :'3) and everyone was asking so i told my day i was going to go out side(also before we went swimming kind of so i was wet) then i grab a towel and sat out side on my dads truck when everyone was eating, also i was lessening to music
and i would have been crying if i was brave

is it to late for you to leave? yes we already have your grave :'3
@yolo4ever: just dig everyone a grave please
were all going to die here :'3
@yolo4ever: yes please frend
and dig one for me please :'3
save yourself
happy late birthday, by the way the cake is a lie ;3