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Hi There! I'm FriskyBuisness! (Or you can call me Frisky~ ;^3) I'm an artist and writer coming here to share my imagination with all the fellow comic lovers here.

I like Writing, Drawing, Talking, Orange sherbet ice cream (Yum~!), And most importantly: UNDERTALE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -bonk- Oh! Sorry :^3c

Hit me up on SJ PMs if you want to talk, I'm always open!
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@Advertisement: you are not funny
Ohn.. No new page for awhile! going on vacation tommorow ^^;; I've got writer's block, I can't think of many puns, too caught up with packing..
Currently working on new page! ^^'' may be released today, Busy busy!
@SuperScratchkat: D-deep, I didn't think my jokes were so deep ;w;
And I'm not sure how I feel about that kind of thing ^^;; sorry!
Sorry for the wait everybody! Been busy packing for vacation :^(, so I made today's funny very special!! ^w^ I hope you enjoy~!
New comic today! Sorry for the wait, yesterday was busy ;w; packing for vacation!
No update today, Sorry!
Will update tommorow, Sundays are sooo busy! ^^;;
@ForestFire: It might be a glitch .-. but a LOT of people say that it's different from what it is, I don't understand...
Oh, Saaaans!
What is that boy doing anyways? X^P He almost got himself hurt!
Another update is incoming! hold onto your butts~! :^3c
@ZeeZeeT0p: Oooh, why do you guys have to be so negative about homosexuals? >:^( why can't you say "ocelots aren't straight like this cheetah" for once? You people sicken me!
Oh that Sans!
Oh him~ He was too busy making puns he didn't realize he was eating that bad darn 'ol spaghetti, what a card~ X^3c
Update incoming! Just finishing up with the art, expect delivery soon~! :^)
Jeez... You guys are so crude >_>
@Scoobs: What's going on here? o_o
@Scoobs: Well I don't know who this "Ren Fowl" character is. I found this site through reading Undertale comics and I decided to do one of my own. But after all of this backlash for making a simple little comic... I don't know if I even want to continue what I'm working so hard on.. Q^Q Thanks a lot.
@WolfryHedgies: Thank you. =_= These people are getting on my nerves.