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Hi There! I'm FriskyBuisness! (Or you can call me Frisky~ ;^3) I'm an artist and writer coming here to share my imagination with all the fellow comic lovers here.

I like Writing, Drawing, Talking, Orange sherbet ice cream (Yum~!), And most importantly: UNDERTALE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -bonk- Oh! Sorry :^3c

Hit me up on SJ PMs if you want to talk, I'm always open!
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@Advertisement: you are not funny
@ZeeZeeT0p: Oooh, why do you guys have to be so negative about homosexuals? >:^( why can't you say "ocelots aren't straight like this cheetah" for once? You people sicken me!
Jeez... You guys are so crude >_>
Oh no! It's Chiara! O^:
Whaaaat? o_o how interesting! I must read more!
@aqua the hedgie: I don't trust you anymore! >:^O PERVERT! -bonk-
@aqua the hedgie: Oh, okay! Good to know! :^3
@Zachery James: Alright..
I'm sure they're just playing around, they can't be serious!
@Zachery James: Why not? they sound nice enough..
@ForestFire: Well if you don't like it here, we can always PM!
@ForestFire: Sounds like a personal problem, do you have any mental anomalies? you might need to see a doctor..
@ForestFire: Were you actually abused or are you making this up >:^T I hate it when people lie!
@ForestFire: What's up with you guys and pain? did somebody hurt you..?
Oohn, I wish I could help... )^:
@Beatz by Dreck: Hi "That's a load of shit", nice to meet you! ehehehehehehehehehe
@Beatz by Dreck: I'm Silvia~! I like undertale :^3c Who're you?
@Beatz by Dreck: What? Why are you asking me this incomplete question?