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You Tell 'Em, Lefty!
I have to agree with Lefty -- as my Dad used to say, any pie at all is better than the best cake!
Deadly Serious Green Bean
Got to hand it to the little guy; he's got a lot of heart!
It's His Karma
Karma has everybody's address, phone number and eMail. And Frazzle has a... point.
First the Presidential Election, Now We Have to Vote for Cake?
Put me down for Huckleberry Trout.

My Dad always said any decent pie was better than the finest cake. This is the same guy who would slice up Angel Food Cake and toast it.
Ignorant Little Stink?
I find the implication that Styxx is an impatient greedhead... um... disarmingly accurate.
Relativistic Velocity
Free food makes for fast friends!
New Character?
I recognize Mildew the trollish crone, but I don't believe we have been introduced to the gentle quadruped...
Nice Work... for a NOOB!
So, Ellie's been hiding her lamp under a bushel, eh? Well, don't quit your day job yet, Ed, but do keep scribblin' -- you make your lady proud!
Poker Chips, Computer Chips...
Well, at least they didn't have to drag home hungry.
A Creep in the Deep
Only Styxx could bail overboard and come face-to-face with a coelacanth...
'Lure' of the Derp
What sort of tackle is Styxx using? Must be a Runcible Spoon...
(* cue theme from 'JAWS' *)
Tails Overboard!
Their looks have matured since we first saw them. I dunno, freer, and more natural. I guess they've become comfortable in their own skins.
INPUT: Pudding
That is sad. Fortunately, he has...

A cereal port...
So, now that his hook is baited with a Styxx, what kind of feeeesh will Frazz catch nexct?
Love Your New Hat, Frazzles!
Styxx is taking 'way too long to... well, it's Styxx -- he'd catch an old boot (which he'd probably eat, anyway) or snag a sunken airplane or something. Frazz is getting a little... frazzled.