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Carmina Burana. How appropriate.
Uh oh, spaghettios.
...I think it would've been worse if you drew the string shooting out of their tails...
...fifty, eh?

Perhaps that has something to do with what she experienced prior to becoming a vampire? The whole puppet scene?

That is now, officially, a meme. I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Masked dude is gonna ask for some dough.

Then Atty is going to regret admitting he lost.

Then some more abuse for Dragonthing.
You know the part that got me? AND THEN HE TURNS TO STONE.

Brilliant. Just...brilliant.
By the end of this story, I bet DT's gonna have to deal with a Nidoking and a Nidoqueen. The poor thing.
...since I love your art so much and I am just a sucker for these kinds of things, Imma donate for the abused charmander. I can't donate much, unfortunately, but I guess it could help with something...
The Characters
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to put a Disclaimer:

These character designs used in the Trojan War Comic are not mine. They actually belong to a Korean children's comic book about Greek mythology. Since this was a school project, I didn't feel like being too creative for the characters.

...these somehow took longer to draw than my original comics, though.
From the same "story" as the previous page.
This is just a random comic page I made. I found that it was easier to focus on the challenge when you just make random pages that pop up in your head.
I actually have 3 Omake pages, but I skipped the second one and...ended up not finishing it. So yeah...
After almost a month of a broken printer and scanner, I can finally have pages up for March Madness! Granted, the printer was actually fixed earlier in the week, but I was pretty busy with school projects, all-nghters, and lots and lots of Red Bulls.

As you can see, this was my intro page that was supposed to be uploaded on the day MM started. So...ignore the introductions enjoy.

Also, as you will soon see, I couldn't complete MM, but it was still fun to try. It got me to finally start drawing comic pages, and it felt nice. So I'm glad I at least participated.

BTW, if you can't read anything do let me know. I can translate it for you if you want.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Read Right >> Left.
Erm...this was posted in my folder. Just wanted to point that out.
Panel three looks like it came from a yoai scene.

...Hur hur
Question, do you ink your pages, or did you just pencil it out complete?
@Knights of the Triangle Table: Curse you and your Rick Rolling!