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I like avatar the last airbender and Naruto! Hinata rulz!
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If I was a gay man and someone did that to me, I would think that this guy was a homophobe mocking me somehow. Just saying, this may not be the right way to go about things, dude. XD
Just give into it!
Aw, so cute! I feel like this sometimes.
Sorry, I just found this comic! In the future I will leave a note of encouragement on every page! T-T
I see what's different! No squirrel!
So that's where it comes from!
Fabulous comic! I cannot wait to read more of it!
I spy with my little eye an airbender tatoo!
Happy B-day! Sorry I fell off the planet and forgot to read the comic! I have no idea why, I used to check this comic every week.
Love the latest! I swear I pressed the next button twenty times thinking my computer was malfunctioning before realizing that it was the latest!
I just started reading this comic today, but I love it already! I can't wait for more, keep up the great work.
I love this! I just wanna give deathy a hug! *fangasm*
Yep, he is being casual with her. Usually it would be "I will be sleeping with my most esteemed comrades, otherwise known as Deathuar and Kuro." …Or something.
Yay, questions!
1. I love the logo, don't you dare get rid of it!
2. Deathy, of course. "Blood, wine, and tomato soup."
I laugh at that one every time I see it. And I have read this comic two times. (I am on my third.)
…Kuro is gay, isn't he.
Ah, who is that? *Pretending I haven't read this comic twice already*
Yay! I will be waiting eagerly for the next page!