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Captian Miranda
@Laraiel: When preggers she's stuck in her human form, but soon as that baby is out she can jump into the water and turn back into a mermaid. Transforming magicly heals up everything. XD She is also immortal so she's still be young and healthy even when Yorrick is a old man.
@Laraiel: She gave birth to them. Yorrick is the house husband who stays home and looks after the kids.
6 of 15
Bekko - Red head girl
Utsuri - Orange haired girl
Kumonryu - Behind Yorrick, black haired boy
Hikari - White haired girl
Ogon - Purple haired boy
Showa - Orange haired baby girl!
They have 8 more kids after this 8D
YUP! Miranda gets her cutie pie dragon house husband, and the first of many children are on the way!
Miranda is VERY UNHAPPY about what's happening to her ship >8(
Captian Miranda
February 18th, 2018
And Avatar change!
Captian Miranda
January 25th, 2018
Captian Miranda
January 22nd, 2018
Time for the cutie pies dragon's super hot wife to be!
More babies!
The Captain is here to inform that Yorrick's child count is now at 10.
Miranda ruined Yorrick
Celibate and stupid.... then ends up with 9 kids ^^;
Aya is going to be so envious of the huge fancy house Miranda is going to buy Yorrick. He's going to be such a spoiled house husband.
Your Grandkids are going to swing on those horns mister.