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Well of course the demon is gonna keep showing up if he keeps drawing demonic symbols
Ey dey dead
Someone grumpy
Oooo yes~
Momo you know you want this stop denying it. I can hardly believe that only a while ago they were having a prank war.
Ooo Kuro you naughty thing~
Couldn't have spoken truer words.
Luca is such a wimp he ain't cut out for kidnapping
Got what was coming to you Momo ha!
Hnng i dont know how to feel about this. I love this because yes but i hate it cause its all a lieee...
Like Father like son
Momo just drop this silly Plan just let yourself be happyy with Kuro
Your doing such a great job Luca. Its not like you have powers to help with the kidnapping
Momo is so terrified, the poor thing
I actually didn't see this coming. Well played.
Momo your plan is both working and backfiring. Non of the steps include getting a crush on him.
I dont think he's gonna comply Luca
The flirt is strongg
This was much quicker than Gold's battle. But let's see what happens against Slaking