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"That, or a trip to Mount Doom" if
@mandalorianjedi: Well, thanks a lot! pg
But of course!
@pongldr: But technically i'm not... if
@pongldr: Rumia's alive?!
Yep, that's right:
September 26th, 2017
@Dongs: Yeah, about that... k/w530-h485-p/20150527_sp-f35-ombrellonat.jpg
You are alive! if

Err... who are you again? if

(Extend this to your comic on Tapas, if you updated there too)
@Mekuvi: Told ya!

(Ok, it was actually the next next episode instead, but eh)
@pongldr: Good. pg

(Good thing i, for a change, posted thatone in a non-private message)
Next episode's preview:
@pongldr: uhm...

*Insert a certain "Mini Duckgirl" episode that got deleted with the rest here*

... yeah, i can totally see that.

@pongldr: More like you are every character (and every character is you)
Why am i starting to think these comics of yours are actually autobiographic?
Next episode's summary: there WAS plenty of food. if
SAME! if

Actually, i think that might have been a totally unrelated incident:

It seems his escamotage didn't work in the end...