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@mandalorianjedi: The problem is not that you pile your comics, it's that the notification comes several hours or days after that: i already pointed it out to you before, maybe more than once even.
Also, i should have probably mentioned this before, but this 2-pages layout is only good for the extras, whereas it doesn't work nearly as well for the standard episodes: i'd suggest using the same 1-page layout you use on Tapas instead.

Then again it's not like you read comments anyway, so i'm not sure why i even bother telling you all of this...
September 7th, 2018
@Guest: And alligators are reptiles, for that matter...
I think you meant NPC = Non-Player Character (or Non-Playable Character)

Also, i'm pretty sure MMORPGs can't be even remotely as old as PCs: at most they might be almost as old as internet, which came MUCH later than PCs.
August 3rd, 2018
@Guest: Like so: /

I knew the plot might eventually darken, but isn't this a bit too much? if
@Meloh: 'cept she doesn't have sleeves... pg
Either those chains are made of VERY frail material or Eska's arm stitches are of really good quality if she could break them just like that without ripping her own arm off... if
@Guest: "A Girl Adrift", it's a mobile game.

It's supposed to be a clicker, but it's actually more of an idle game instead.

A good one too, althought it gets insanely grindtastic later on...
June 23rd, 2018
Not much, considering it's night.
Uhm... pg
@Quillpen: Sorri, not sorry! umblr_nnbd0gwvXP1s21xzoo1_500.gif
@Golb989: Also, you could have just uploaded a single episode and written down all that stuff in the comment section instead of pulling off that dumb trick with the titles...
You are alive! if

Err... who are you again? if
@Frappecinno: Ah... pg


Nevermind: the author explained it in the next episode.

(But still didn't explain why this comic's update notifications act weird)
Either last panel's missing or it's me that's missing the joke... if