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And it took him only 30 pages more than the average readers to get it.
In hindsight...
should have applied here instead:
@pongldr: Why does that make me expect some kind of catastrophic event suddenly striking them all dead before the end...? pg
@anon: It was the very first mobile game i played (and the one that got me addicted to mobile games...) but there was this infamous bug that basically forced me to reinstall the whole game every time i wanted to play and when they finally included the inerhitance system AFTER i sold my 5+ spare Marths for feathers i ultimately gave up.
And this is the point where i say "Nope, i'm outta here!"

O RLY...?

But still...! if
WHY did her hair become so much shorter???
Link doesn't work... if
January 22nd, 2018
I approve!
WOAH! if
Me too!
PONG!! if

(Also, what Folletto said above)
October 21st, 2017
@RazorD9: And that's considering she was really aiming at the egg...
"That, or a trip to Mount Doom" if
@mandalorianjedi: Well, thanks a lot! pg
But of course!
@pongldr: But technically i'm not... if
@pongldr: Rumia's alive?!