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Hello everyone! My name is *******! Nice to meet you all!

Eight Cheshire Tails >> (supposed to be being) redrawn
Awasaku Story >> Dead
K.A.L.I.T.R >> (seemingly) Dead Collaboration
Unspoken words >> Dead
:sky: >> ...dead desu ka?
steel : basilisk >> Probably being redrawn as well

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i feel as if that by posting a comment, i'm ruining the moment, but...

iggy doesn't have his iggy-brows ;_;
Mitsuru, hehe <3
ahhh it's UK! :DDDD awesome!!
ahhh ! that hospital looks awesome !!! If that's what it looks like when it's retarded, what does it look like when it isn't ???

btw, isn't your avatar by Bukiyou na Silent by Hinako Takanaga?
September 22nd, 2009
awesome !! lol, sissy slap
haha uh i'm so slow. i drew this up today. soo yeah. ps what is miyuki's hair and eye color? i can't tell.

the song is 'where'd you go' by fort minor
I forgot... but did anyone notice the pill bottle on Tsune's desk? What could he need it for? @_@
lol lol yay I'm gonna wait and see what you're gonna draw!!
Sorry! I've been away forever! I have no excuse except procrastination and short term memory loss!!

So... who's gonna find the envelope?!
oh my gosh
I'm like so sorry!! I didn't think that the quality was this bad when I saved it!!

I admit, this page could've been better, but I slacked off a bit. I've been putting it off for a few days now, and school's gonna start in a few days, so I'm in a psychological mess...

I might fix up this page and upload it.. a few... months or weeks from now but that's unlikely. ALSO (this is important) the bottom left Japanese writing says 'tsuzuku' and that means 'continue' so like to be continued. Someone else is totally supposed to continue this, okay? I forgot to mention, but this whole things is in right to left format.
School has definitely caught up to me in the midst of my whole 'oh no high school is eating my brain alive' so I couldn't keep up with everything... sorry I didn't post earlier! This is really late!!

Also, sorry for the bad quality. Large size caused me to have to save as JPG...

Anyway, this is only the first page. The next page is the last one and is currently in progress. :)
That was mean! The thing was, I LIED was big enough to see in the preview...
How cute!

You're so awesome with your tablet~ lol, mine broke down.
Haha, that story about the bear is cute (for some reason)!
Name: Kirenaki Tsune*
*If you add 'i' to 'kire' it becomes 'kirei na kitsune' which means 'pretty fox'

Tsune is a 16 year old (present day) human male. He likes coffee (if it has at least three teaspoons of sugar), tiramisu, sushi and milk (whether flavored or not). He dislikes annoying people, when things don't go his way and things that are very sour.
His personality is complex and he is very moody. He makes it clear that he is bi (leaning towards boys).
This person's name is Kitsu. Kitsu is currently 172 (birthday is January 1),although Kitsu appears much, much younger than that. Kitsu is 5'6" (currently). Please note that no gender has been specified... or rather, revealed. Kitsu has many secrets, including: Kitsu's species, gender, abilities, sexuality... even Kitsu's favorite color!!! Apparently, Kitsu hides them all in a small, white envelope... who know's what would happen if someone got a hold of it?!

edit lol this took a couple of hours... (mostly because I slacked off and started watching Hana-Kimi episodes again) so I probably won't do too many colored pics unless I feel like it. Oh yeah, hi everyone!!!
Hmm? It's already Valentine's Day where I am <3

LOL this pic is so cute! It's been forever since I've posted (but my tablet is down...)
Umm... one of them is pregnant? Or one of them isn't a virgin??

lol, twins!!
Really late happy new year!!:D
December 22nd, 2008
This sounds interesting~ ^w^