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I go by Luna, that of course is not my real name-sadly; but its what I go by on a couple of related platforms. I'm currently 14, by letting you know this I only ask of you not to walk over me because of it. Age is only a mere number that describes the amount of years since you first saw the world, so please don't think my opinion is irrelevant or that I am not mature enough. Well, anyway, I enjoy art, music and writing. I particularly enjoy digital art and I would be deeply appreciative if someone who stumbles upon this and somewhat dabbles in the form would be kind enough to give me some tips and pointers; that'd be great. Anyway I feel as though this is long enough now, so, if you would like to know more about me just let me know, have a wonderful day.
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Back to reality I go..
Just after stumbling over a link to your comic: binge reading it while adoring the art, fan-girling over Terence and Sifris and completely falling head over heels in love with it all I come to the end of 27, thinking my computer didn't load everything completely. And so I go to refresh the page, surf frantically through the two chapters and then your website trying to find the next page; chapter, anything. But I only find your last comment about this beautiful work :(
I can't say I'm not disappointed, but I can say I truly love your work and the moment of bliss it gave me. Thank you for writing this and illustrating Sifris and Terence, no matter how crushed I am at the thought of this not looking like it will ever be finished let alone continued; you have inspired me to continue to work on my writing and digital art, no matter how much I struggle. I really do hope you continue this one day, and I'll stumble upon this wonderful work again. If it's not too much to ask; It would be great if maybe you could release what you were planning to do with the storyline and how things were supposed to go. It would honestly make my life.
Anyway, I wish you much luck with your art and hopefully I'll be able emerge myself in you work once more. Once I've mended my Sifris and Terence broken heart, haha. I get a little too amerced in story's.