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I like to make others laugh or feel better but when my drawings skills improve,i will make comics
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    Call me SFX
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How long does she put up with this...
I hope you feel better soon Emyyyu X3
Awwwu So adorable!
0w0 Will there be a teachers character intro? N-not like I wanna see a specific espeo-i mean what? ^^'
Number Threeeeee!!!
Wait... Nuuu why do I keep messing up the naaame!! Emyyy why you name them this wayyy
And Chiho Is looking cute....
Zubat and Eevee
Zeevee X3
H-how dare you... I'm an espeon lover....
Why did you name them similarly and then both espeons thats the question XD
I meant "Chiyo" XD