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I like to make others laugh or feel better but when my drawings skills improve,i will make comics
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    Call me SFX
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Awwww.... It's so adorable~
........... um........ oof
@BowtheSylveon : Np
@Guest: It's ok
@BowtheSylveon : No I don't hate furry's. I just said "oh" because what else do I say?
@BowtheSylveon : I never said that
@BowtheSylveon : oh
@BowtheSylveon : just call it a pokemon obsession... Unless you like other "furry" things
@BowtheSylveon : oof
@BowtheSylveon : awkward.....
@BowtheSylveon : Your welcome XD
@BowtheSylveon : I think it's called "Puberty"
@BowtheSylveon : XD ok
I find it funny how Bow is raging at a bully and then all of a sudden it's like "Cute!" And yes the drawing is adorable