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love YAOI! And Kongo Agon
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My butt is my pillow.... Trust me it works. Lol.
Reminds me
This reminds me of my sex life... I love how accurate it is.
Ha ha
This is so cute
Its the start
Hopefully i can get the ball rolling on this comic.
Oh goodness me
Just lovely
Your next button is broken. I'm so impatient right now. I wanna know what happens.
lol drool
Is it me or did her boobs grow some size?
I totally missed alot! Update soon/when you can.
Yay! an update
lol in the first panel she looks constipated.
Yay! something interesting was said. ha ha cant wait ti'll next page.
O love it lol. can't wait for the next chapter.
happy a day late birthday. i knew i should have checked my favs yesterday. love the new pages or page.
hm... what do you mean by secret santa?... totally clueless. lol thanks for update. and update when you can.
i just love this comic. lol

jack: Me be the boyfriend Tracy gets. Man, your gay.

Best line ever. lol