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Hi the names LeeringMonkey and yes before you ask i do regret the name. Most people call me willow or pepper.
Im a really crappy drawer so you'll probably never see my work but oh well you never know right?
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Loving hubert, hes so cool :) I had my first tattoo on my foot as well so i know your pain lol just stick to wearing flip-flops or dolly shoes or even really tight trainers. No loose shoes or uggs or anything like that, you will regret it :D
oh and loving the page as per :)
Man i miss this :( cant wait till you come back cuz this comic frickin rocks!
Oh and just wanted to say your drawings are smexy, not sexy SMEXY! There just that good :D
Holy mother of god yes!
I love this comic! It was one of the first i ever read on sj and Ive missed it like crazy! *Dances around happily* XD
Best animation EVER!
Im so so happy to see this coming back and i cant wait to see how its gonna Look.

*Sits back and waits for December eagerly*
Haru's face in the second panel is just adorabubble!!
I Just LOVE the faces Tommy pulls. they can officially be classed as epic XD
Wow your work is amazing! I cant wait for more. *Sits back and waits eagerly*
I love this comic and i miss it just as much. Any chance of seeing an update soon? Pretty please?
Please come back to us. I miss this soooooo much :(
Please come back we miss you T__T
Wow was just going through some of my old favorites and found this. Its been so long and you were only gonna be gone for a short time. Hope everything's ok and that you come back soon.
Wow only six pages and already im excited about whats next. You've just got a new fan :D
oh and your art is amazing! :)
Beautiful art and story, its a pity its over all ready. This is something that i'll always remember.
Your back! Woooo *happy dance*
Welcome back. Im so glad you've started this again. Thank you! XD *happy hugs*
I loved this comic and its sad to see it go but so good to see it have a happy ending. Congrats on finishing it. I look forward to being able to get the printed version :)
Love it! :P
Just started reading this and i love it!!!
I cant wait to find out what happens next. I think ill even have to go out and read the real story.
I love this and i love him!<3
Your work is just amazing.
I love the cat! i want it.lolz