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Hi, I'm Hazu. I like drawing comics sometimes.
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Good on Maya and Chico for running, but let's face it, it wasn't going to be that easy.
Hang tight, 'nother page incoming.
Maya and Chico are just noping on out of there.
@SoulRaider116: It's not exactly a /scar/ but there is something there, yes.
I AM SORRY there was no page Monday. I was honestly just busy with real life stuff. I didn't have time to make it up this week but will try to next week.

Anyway, Maya and Chico don't seem terribly intimidated by these two. Just confused.
Boy are there a lot of new characters in this chapter or what?

I redrew the sketch of this page no less than 3 times because I just couldn't anatomy.
I know all of you were expecting her to run into Aeron/Ialu, but this is gonna be more interesting, trust me.

Though now that I think about it the name of this chapter was slightly misleading since those two don't actually get a lot of screentime in it...
@KingKomodo: Poison demons are sort of weird; they vary a lot in appearance and basically never stop growing. Their natural life span is hundreds of years, and the oldest ones are huuuge, but they're a pretty aggressive species overall and most of them get killed off in fights for dominance or somesuch before they can get to that point.
Maya just sort of went into that flashback spiel with no provocation and the best justification I could come up with was that she was explaining it to Chico, who is visibly present in the I turned it into a joke.
This page took way longer than I care to admit because the only background I'm capable of drawing without any digital assistance is forests.
@KingKomodo: Funny you should bring up Riza not having a mount haha. That will be addressed in the next couple of chapters somewhere. Well, sort of.
Maya I think you're answering a question that nobody asked.

Also, in case you forgot, that is the same jewel salesman that was in Kraydir in like chapter 3.
I'm...not exactly sure what the deal is with that panel of Riza's hands in her lap. Like I had something in mind originally and just sort of forgot what I was going for halfway through drawing it. I think I mostly didn't want to put another headshot there.
Hey so here's this thing.

It's fun to draw Chico growing as the comic goes on. He will probably not be as big as like, Oberon was, but will definitely get big enough to ride eventually.
Okay. So.

I've been sitting on this page and the next one for like, a month, thinking I would get some kind of buffer together and start updating again. But then I never did that and I figure the only way I'm ever going to return to doing this is to it.

I didn't plan on dropping off the face of the internet for as long as I did. I've been really stressed about a lot of things, mostly the fact that my job is miserable (and I hate being there and feel like I've gotten so far off track from what I wanted to do that I won't ever get back), so I thought taking some time off of something I considered an obligation would help, but it's not even close to the root of the problem so all it did was make me feel horribly unproductive and somehow even worse about myself. I've literally been coming home from work and sitting on my couch and watching Netflix most nights, and that is just not the kind of life I can be content with; I need to be /doing/ something.

Anyway, you may notice this is somewhat less clean than usual--that's because it's traditionally inked. My computer is still acting up and I still can't afford a new one, so I minimized the computer work part of it. I don't plan on this being a permanent change but for now it'll have to do. It's also a good bit faster than doing everything digitally, so that's a bonus.

There'll be a page Thursday, that I can say for sure. I'll do my best to keep up after that.

In other news, I had an interview for another job a week or two ago and am putting out some other applications, so...hopefully something changes soon.
So, uh. I don't really know what my excuse is this time.

A lot of it was straight up lack of motivation to work on this, and finding every excuse I could to do something else. I spent most of yesterday cleaning my apartment, which is the sort of thing I only do when there is literally nothing else I feel like doing.

The rest of it was the fast that my computer is getting up there in years and is probably a few months from completely shitting the bed. Like, it's having trouble running Google Chrome, much less Photoshop. My laptop isn't in much better shape. So, I guess I have to figure out how to afford a new computer. I mean, I can afford it, I just don't want to either blow my savings or run up my credit card bill.

Add not being sure if I want to stay at my job or not and some other 20-something "not sure how to be happy" existential BS to all of that and it's a great recipe for not getting anything done.

I don't know. I'm not sure where to go from here. I mean, I'm not gonna quit the comic or anything, but I might either take a break and work on some other shit for awhile or at least try drawing pages by hand for a bit until I get my computer shit worked out. We'll see.

Question of the Update: You'll find out on the next page anyway, but what would you name Ialu's creepy/cute bunny demon guardian?
@ShadowStalker1128: Honestly I didn't put too much thought into why the Guardians resemble their Dreamers; you could probably chalk it up to coincidence XD It was just a subconscious design choice, I guess.
A ram and his Guardian. Rory is about as into her job as Luna was in the beginning.

Question of the Update: I haven't come up with a name for the species of demon that Rory is yet. Come up with one.
In which Ialu is a bit of a hippie and Aeron may or may not have anger issues.

Apologies for the delay (yet again), but I can actually blame this one primarily on temporary computer/internet issues. My computer is getting up there in years and sometimes just decides not to work for a few hours or a day or two, and then I didn't have internet for an evening, because Comcast.

Question of the Update: I'm sure you guys have guessed that these two are Dreamers--can you figure out where their Dreamstones are?
Oh look new friends. Looks like they get along great.

Question of the Update: I'm just gonna let you guys guess where these two might be from. One is blatantly obvious; the other a little less so, I think.