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WHOOO this chapter is finally over. That was a lengthy one. I didn't honestly think it was going to be that long, things just...took more space to draw than I expected I guess? Comic artist problems.

Please ignore how little sense the moon in the background of the last panel makes. I like it there.

Anyway, as excited as I am to start the next chapter, which dives into some new characters (again) and a whole new story arc, I am actually going to take a short break from updating to get myself moved into this apartment and deal with some family stuff and get some big work things out of the way. Basically the coming weeks are going to involve me basically never being home and packing when I am, so I'd rather not be stressing about drawing comics too. I should be back by mid-June. I imagine the dust will have settled by then. I may post some filler doodles in the meantime if I am able.

That aside, Question of the Update is the the standard end of chapter fare; questions, comments, and concerns about the story, art, characters, etc. are welcome. Fire away.

Song of the Week: "First Things First" - Neon Trees. I know I did a song on Thursday but ehh I'm gonna be gone for awhile so here's another. I've been saving this one for this scene anyway; I just like the vibe of it.
I don't really /want/ to point out the significance of this page, but for the record, not drawing a character smiling (except in flashbacks) for like 800 pages is harder than you'd think.

Question of the Update: Did anyone, like...notice that Dae has pretty much never cracked a smile before? Like was that a noticeable character attribute or what?

Song of the Week: "We Are One Tonight" - Switchfoot. It's not necessarily that it's super relevant, but I wrote this scene to this song like a bajillion years ago, so it only seemed right.
I PROMISE this chapter is almost over, jesus christ I did not mean for it to be this long.

Question of the Update: What work is Riza referring to, exactly?
Sorry for the delay. Again. May is inevitably a super busy month for me every year for some reason, and this year is no exception. I have /so much shit/ to do, mostly pertaining to the fact that I just signed the lease on my first apartment! :D I'm a tad behind the curve on the moving out thing, being almost 25, but better late than never I guess. Anyway, I'm probably going to be spending the next few weeks packing shit and changing addresses and then unpacking shit and getting things set up so uh. Don't be too worried if I disappear here and there. Not that that's anything new.

...I actually just realized that not only did I seriously skimp out on backgrounds on this page, I also straight up forgot a lot of the detail work I usually put in. Sigh.

ANYWAY. Question of the Update: Where do you think Dae got his knife?
Heyyyy guess what I actually got done in time.

Question of the Update: Well, he's found a box, at least. How do you think he managed to survive the next couple years, anyway?
@SpiralofDragon: Yeahhhh I literally just 100% forgot to draw the blood and stuff on this page.
I was going to just upload this on Monday with another page, but then I realized that having a page done at all for Monday was going to crush any motivation I had to get back on schedule. So here. I guess this is technically what was supposed to be yesterday's page, and yesterday's was Monday's, and...yeah. That.

No question or anything since I just posted one yesterday.
You know...the rain texture I made back in chapter 3...doesn't...look as good as I remember.

Again, there was originally some much darker dialogue here but I kind of toned it down because it bothered me a lot more now than it did when I wrote this chapter years ago.

Question of the Update: What town is he wandering into?

I think I should bring back the Song of the Week. I kind of forgot about it for awhile. Anyway, it's "Damage I've Done" - Anarbor. I dunno, seemed appropriate.
The first 3 panels weren't in the script, really. I kind of just felt they needed to be there.

Question of the Update: Well, there's a river. Any idea where he is or what he's close to?
This scene was supposed to be slightly longer but this chapter is already long enough SO. MOVING ON.

Question of the Update: Where is he running to?
I am just dragging this chapter out, aren't I?

Sorry for slight lateness; needed sleep more than I needed to stay up late last night trying to finish this so I opted to do it in the morning.

Question of the Update: What do you think Artturo does when he's stuck in the back of Dae's head somewhere and unable to torment innocent people?
There goes Dae, stating the obvious.

If you didn't notice, I rearranged the sidebars on the site next to the comic pages. I nixed the Paypal donate button because I always felt weird about having it to begin with, and replaced it with a button from Ko-fi, which, if you are so inclined, lets you help me out just a little by making a small, 3$ donation--a.k.a. buying me a coffee. I like coffee. I especially like fancy Starbucks coffees that I usually can't afford. So, you know, if you like the comic and want to help me stay awake long enough to finish pages, that's an option now. If you donate on there, you should get a thank you message with a link to a DC wallpaper I've had sitting around for awhile and never uploaded anywhere public, if you wish to grace your desktop with Riza's silly face.

If you want to help out the comic in a more substantial way, I also added a link to my commission info, since I feel way better about taking money if I'm giving something that I don't already give out for free in return.

I've had friends suggest that I do a Patreon or something, but honestly my schedule is so inconsistent that I don't feel confident that I'd be able to provide extra content for Patrons on a regular basis, so this one-time stuff is my substitution. Not that ANY of it is required; DC will always remain free to read regardless of whether I'm making any money on it or not.

Anyway, Question of the Update: What do you think little Dae's going to do when he wakes up?
You can tell that I really was not in the mood to draw backgrounds on this one.

Question of the Update: Arttie looks like he's having some problems. What's gonna happen to him?
I don't know exactly why I've been having so much trouble with the last handful of pages...I think they've just had a lot of extra details that I had to put in and have been taking longer than expected, and sometimes I just don't have the energy to come home from work and then draw comics all night. But sometimes I do. So who knows.

I dunno man I think I haven't had a day off in two weeks so I'm probably just tired.

Question of the Update: Well, he appears to have wiped out the town...now what?

For those wondering, I intended the stuff in the barrels to be gunpowder, but honestly it can be any explosive substance you want it to be.

Question of the Update: Artturo's expression in the last panel is a little odd. What do you think is going through his mind right there?
I don't exactly know why I was having so much trouble with this page. Some little things at home just got under my skin this week I think and I just didn't want to draw. That, and I still just am having issues drawing this scene in particular because it just isn't to my liking.

Question of the Update: So uh, what's leaking out of those barrels, you think?
@SpiralofDragon: Oh Jesus Christ I did do that.

Actually the first time I uploaded this I hit upload without putting anything but the page title...so I guess the hovertext was an improvement.
Well, one out of two ain't bad considering that I didn't have a working computer setup until, like, late Sunday night.

Aaand now I have to lug the whole thing back home and set it up AGAIN.

Question of the Update: I literally am too tired to come up with anything good right now. What is your favorite color?
As you may be able to tell, I had no idea what to put on this page. This is going to wind up being a stupidly long chapter just because I can't figure out how to turn things from words into pictures.

Question of the Update: He switched from ice shards to an ice knife. Why the change?
So, I missed the last update because I was too busy playing Breath of the Wild and I feel like that is the most legit excuse I've ever given.

Uh, fair warning, there should be a page Thursday but next week is up in the air because I'm supposed to house-sit for my aunt and uncle and am not sure if I'll be able to bring my computer. Since, you know, that would require lugging the tower and stuff over there and I don't know if I want to risk dropping it or something.

Question of the Update: Uh, why is the ball bloody?