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Hi, I'm Hazu. I like drawing comics sometimes.
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Okay, so here's this.

I know a lot of you were expecting something less straightforward here, and I'm not saying that Aeron doesn't have a more in-depth plan than "beat him up", but this chapter desperately needed to end.

The next one will be returning to Riza and friends and the, uh, reintroduced Arashi.

HOWEVER. I had intended to have this chapter done 2 months ago and finish the next one before the end of the year, and that...clearly did not and is not happening.

So, I'm going to cut my losses and take the remainder of December off of updating in order to actually, like, maybe get ahead on the next chapter instead of working page to page and to build *gasp* a buffer.

My goal at the moment is to have the entire chapter sketched out and have at least 12 completed pages. To be clear, that is a lot to do in a month, but I have a little more time off work than usual due to the holidays so I'm hoping for the best.

In the meantime, I may post some filler stuff here, but I will definitely be trying to post various progress reports and snippets of what's coming on Twitter. If you use Twitter, you are highly encouraged to pester me over there @hazumirein about how things are coming. Please hold me accountable so I don't get demotivated and spend a month playing video games instead.

Anyway, barring social media shenanigans, I'll see you guys in January.
I don't know why, but I was struggling with this page. Anyway, sit tight, there's another one.
Happy belated Thanksgiving! I was planning to have a page that day but, uh, holiday shenanigans happened. So here it is.
I think these two were intended to just be villainous coworkers, but somewhere along the line they became exasperated friends.
I'll leave it to you guys to decide where the lines are between confident and stupid here.
I re-saved the .jpg of this page like 3 times because I kept realizing I'd forgotten details. I need like, a continuity checker to look at the pages before I upload them and be like "hey you forgot to draw the scratch on his face AGAIN".
OKAY work got the better of my time as usual last week but here are two pages. Happy belated Halloween?
Sit tight for a sec.
@Guest: Half-creatures are actually quite common (i.e. Faro and Arashi); most of them aren't Dreamers :]

@IDEA!: I was going to brush this idea off but then I realized it's totally something he would do so I...might keep it in mind for later haha.
Heyyy two in a row.

In other news, it seems pretty much all of the Dreamers had the bright idea to graft their Dreamstone into a piece of jewelry.

Sorry about the impromptu hiatus. I finally have access to my desktop again, so barring work-related lateness, updates should be more or less back to normal. Which is good, considering that I'd hoped to finish this chapter a month ago, but here we are.
Well, I'm still sleeping on an air mattress and still don't have access to a proper computer, but I managed a tablet doodle at least. I can't remember how to shade on this thing, though.

I don't really celebrate my character's birthdays, but Xan's was yesterday, so here's a little Halloweeny firebug for you.
So, I bet you guys are wondering where I've been.

Well, let's start from the beginning.

You see, at the end of May, the lease on my apartment ran out, and considering that it was a 30 mile drive from my job, it didn't really make sense to keep living there. So, I decided to go back to my parents' for the summer to save a few bucks while I decided whether I wanted to buy a house or find another rental or what. Well, I kept putting actually doing much of that off because my cousins--who are in their 80s--own a place near where I work that they don't live in, that they really would like someone to live in. I talked to them about buying it but found out that they, uh, don't have the first clue about how to sell a house and it would have probably been more trouble than it was worth to do that. So, in early August, I asked if they'd be interested in just renting the place to me. They said they would be and that we'd talk about it next time they were down here. It's now October, and this discussion hasn't happened yet, which didn't bother me too much until about a week ago...when a pipe broke in the second floor bathroom at my (parents') house and the whole place flooded.

I've been sleeping on an air mattress at my grandma's house ever since.

It's not THAT dramatic, the house is still standing, the animals were all okay (though the dog was soaked and my rabbit was sitting in 3 inches of water), and there wasn't a lot of damage to furniture or other belongings, just to the floors and some walls. Insurance should be covering basically everything so it's not really a financial issue or anything. It's just going to be awhile before it's livable again, so I am...basically homeless at the moment and have no intention of staying with my grandma any longer than necessary. I also don't have my desktop with me on account of not having anywhere to put it, so I'm limited to traditional art or whatever I can do on my little Samsung tablet and Medibang Paint (which is AWESOME for a free tablet app, but it's no Photoshop/Clip Studio).

So that's where I'm at right now. I'm going to see my cousins about the house again tomorrow and if we can't arrange something that involves me moving in ASAP for a reasonable cost, I'm going to start touring apartments on Tuesday.

I, uh, don't know what to tell you to expect or when the comic will return or anything, BUT I will take requests for DC-related filler doodles or writing or what have you if you guys want to post some below.

In the meantime, the only thing I can actively update at the moment is my webnovel Kody, so I guess go check that out if you want something to pass the time until DC comes back.

I'll try to keep you guys updated.
SORRY. Sorry. Last week sort of got away from me; I'm not really sure what happened. But here's a page.
OKAY yes I'm aware it's Tuesday but I really wanted to finish two pages to catch here's those.

I did that thing this week where I left myself so little time off that spending a few hours with a friend or watching TV throughout the week actually totally set me behind on the comic. Like, really, I spent maybe 4-6 of the hours the entire week that I wasn't working, commuting, or sleeping doing things for fun and it made all the difference. SIGH.
Hold on, got another page.
Look! Color!

I had a little unexpected extra time this week, and I figured it had been awhile, and I thought you guys deserved something nice :P
Okay! A little late, but here is a page.

Eventually I'll stop doing cop outs for action that I don't want to take to the time to draw. Eventually.
PHEW. I literally finished this like...5 minutes ago.

Managed to get you two pages to make up for Thursday since I have a WHOLE 2 DAYS OFF THIS WEEK. Mostly because it's a holiday.

Anyway, can anyone give me a count of how many times I've used this scenario of characters pinning each other to the ground? I should probably come up with another gimmick for fight scenes. I also realize I'm cheating a lot with stuff like that third panel,'s a time saver and you get the idea.
Hang tight, got another page coming.