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Hi, I'm Hazu. I like drawing comics sometimes.
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Alright, I've been waiting to ask this, but does anyone want to fathom a guess as to what's going on here?

In other news, I somehow managed to get my page numbers mixed up and saved this one as page 12 in my computer...thus overwriting the ACTUAL page 12. Good thing it was already uploaded, I guess. SIGH.

(To be clear, I saved over the normal file AND THE BACKUP COPY. ADHKFJDHFS.)
My favorite part of this page is definitely Dae's face in the second to last panel. Like, he didn't even realize she was there and the outburst of laughter actually made him jump.
An easy mistake to make?
So, I'm making an effort to manage my time better and actually schedule in time in my day to work on the comic, do housework, cook, watch TV, etc...I realized in trying that that these pages really only take a few hours if I, like, focus on them and schedule in breaks instead of trying to force myself to work straight through and failing and getting distracted. So that's interesting.

I don't think it's going to help much when I have those weeks where all I do is work and sleep, but for the times when my schedule is at least somewhat normal it may make a difference.

Yeah hey I'm still here.
I'm still alive. Just working a lot. We're really busy right now and my tax return was pretty disappointing, so I'm just putting in a lot of overtime right now. |D What else is new.
Luna is offended, Dae is regretting his decision to be a smartass, Nirako is mildly concerned, Riza is ignoring all of them.

The mom joke wasn't in the script, I added it last minute because it made me laugh.
Mom Luna and Moody Teenager Dae are probably my favorite varieties of Luna and Dae.
I know. I KNOW. Sorry. I always do this thing where I take, like, 1 day off every week or two and expect to get everything I need to do done, and then I...don't do that.

Anyway, here's a page.
Aaaand here's a page. Sorry for the disappearance, work got crazy busy, that's what I get for keeping a second job on top of the first one because I like being able to afford to live comfortably.

Hopefully I will have another one Monday. Hopefully.
@RandomEgg: I've just been suuuper busy with work the past couple weeks, and haven't had time to draw comics D: It happens sometimes. Not enough hours in the day. Updates will be back soon!
Here is a page, it's 2:30 am, I'm going to bed now.
So, there was a throwaway line in the script of the last chapter that mentioned that Maya and Chico were supposed to meet up with Faro, Adrian and Triv somewhere and she figured the only reason they hadn't tagged along with her from the getgo is that they were being lazy, and I now realize that I completely forgot to actually put it in the chapter, somehow. So uh. Yeah.
So I thought about designing new outfits for everyone again like I usually do for a new story arc, but...I really didn't feel like it, so I just reused the last ones. There's some opportunities later that I can probably change them if I want.

Eventually I'll get around to bringing back, like, the Questions of the Update and stuff, but for now I'm just focused on actually putting out pages in a somewhat timely manner.
Sometimes I think I'm starting to rely too much on dramatic lighting in my coloring, but it's just so much fun.

We're stepping away from Maya's adventure for this chapter to see what Riza and friends are up to. And Arashi! Obviously.

The next couple chapters alternate between these two storylines because I get bored easily. I guess from a writing perspective it's to indicate that they're happening simultaneously, but really it's probably the first reason.

I've been kinda looking forward to this one, it's pretty fun I think. I haven't focused a chapter on Arashi since...well, when he was first introduced.
Yeah yeah, better late than never. It was a holiday?

So, I stopped looking at the script for these last few pages because it's on my piece of shit laptop and I didn't feel like pulling it up while I was drawing, but I realized after I posted the last page that it actually SHOULD have been where the chapter ended, you get this extra one to compensate.

Anyway, nothing like ending on a bit of a cliffhanger.
I feel like a day late isn't really that bad considering that I've more often than not been several weeks late...lately.

I wasn't exactly sure how to put letters together to form the noise Chico is making, so if it seems like he sounds like a cat...well, I guess that works.
To the person who asked where Chico was on the last page, his lack of appearance there was not an accident.

Now that I look at it, I think it's probably unclear that Maya turned down a narrow path in hopes that they couldn't's one of those things that was easy to write, but much more difficult to figure out how to draw.

That said, I'm pretty pleased with the art on this page in terms of how difficult it is to tell that it's digitally inked...I think it's a little bit cleaner than the traditional, but all in all I like the recreation.
@ZZ Digital: I knew someone was going to call me out on that arm haha. It was already inked by the time I realized how off it looked.
Well, this is almost on time.

Got my computer to cooperate long enough to ink this digitally (despite a couple of restarts). Was trying to recreate the same style I was using with the traditional pens in the interest of time.

Anyway, yeah, here's a page.