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Hi, I'm Hazu. I like drawing comics sometimes.
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@Freelance: Whoops! I updated something on Tapas and forgot to change the link's fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out!

@Casanova: Huh that's weird that your comment wouldn't go through. But, thanks for getting me those titles anyway, I will look into them!
@SoulRaider116: I intentionally didn't put a maybe option because I was concerned that everyone would just mark that and I wouldn't have an actual answer to the question haha. That's what this comments section is for, but I'm doing simple polls because I realize that a lot of people don't like to comment.

@Casanova: I've personally never actually seen someone make a format switch like that; any chance you can link me to any of those? I'd like to see exactly what they did. And when you say they died, do you mean the creator stopped making them or the fanbase just didn't take to it? (Or the creator stopped making them BECAUSE the fanbase didn't like it?)
@SoulRaider116: Yeah I usually don't care when people get a character's gender wrong so I never bothered correcting that original comment, but since you asked, Sam is a dude haha.
If you have a sibling close to your age and have never had an argument turn into a wrestling're missing out.
A thing to know about the horse siblings: They're both bratty little shits, despite actually being older than most of the main cast.
I didn't realized how awkward Arashi looked in the last panel until it was too late, so, uh, there's that.
Not gonna lie, I've copy-pasted that castle from the first page like 3 times now.

Also, you may or may not have noticed that the poll in the sidebar has changed! Please vote in the new one, I would appreciate the feedback. Again, it is completely anonymous and only requires a button click.

Like 99% of the votes on that last one said that the story and characters are more important to you guys than the art, by the way, which was kind of what I was hoping would be the case. I'm toying with an idea that may help me move this thing along faster while hopefully not having to cut as much story and character content because it takes too long to draw...but it would mean it being less of comic, in the traditional sense. More details pending the poll results.
Annoyed Erisha is annoyed.
I started to draw the group in full detail in that last panel then realized it was gonna get half-covered by text anyway and went "nah fuck that".
Oh look, another horse person.

That aside, you may notice that there is now a poll in the sidebar next to the comic! There will likely be several of these in coming weeks as I try to figure something out. They are completely anonymous, so please take a second to vote!
Arashi being dodgy is going to be a common theme here for awhile.
Twyla is in this page both because I think she makes it look prettier and to remind you that she exists and tends to just be hanging around nearby when the group is traveling.
We're back! Happy New Year!

So, I didn't quite get to where I wanted to with pages, but I'm coming into this month with this plus pages 1-9 complete, 10-12 penciled, and the whole chapter thumbnailed, so that's something I guess.

I did prove that despite my best efforts, this is pretty much the maximum amount of pages I can get done in a month--and trust me, they were my best efforts--so I really have been pretty much working at maximum capacity with 2 pages per week. Iiii dunno. I'm gonna keep tossing around ideas to make this move faster. Still don't want to be an old lady by the time I finish this thing but goddammit I AM going to finish it.

I've been advised to take another look at my script and see if there are extraneous parts I can cut out...and I'm sure there I'm gonna do that and see if I can't make this a less daunting project.

Anyway! I hope you enjoy this chapter! I think it's pretty fun.

PS. A song that I associate with Arashi, for some reason: "Let's Go" - Cartel.
@dracone: Riza actually can bring items over from Earth and does so fairly regularly--she always brings holiday decorations, and I think I have it written in some side story or other that I never posted that she does bring a book on Christmas at some point to help them understand.

Anyway, I am also very interested in mythology so no worries about that! I knew about kitsune and Kyuubi, but actually have never heard about the Otter in Ireland so that's neat and I might have to look into it more.

Weirdly enough I didn't take the mythology route with the Dreamers in DC, but it's implied later in the story that there may be some relation between things that exist on Sanvolae and the myths and legends of Earth. I also have another story that takes place in another part of Sanvolae that explores that concept a lot more and is largely based around Aztec mythology; one of these days I'll get around to finishing that.
@dracone: She doesn't explain them very well and the Sanvolae crew doesn't really understand but it seems important to her so they go along with it.
Hey guess what I'm alive. Took a few hours off of actual pages to throw together a Christmas doodle. I'm, uh, not that artistically pleased with it, but it'll do.

Santa Dae has been a running gag for a long time, but he seems to mind it a little less every year.

I wanted to put Nirako and Xan in this too, but they just...wouldn't quite fit, so you get the original Volume 1 trio.

Somewhere in my harddrive I have a short Christmas-themed side story about how Dae obtained that scarf he's wearing; maybe one of these years I'll dig it out and post it.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I promised we'd be back in January, and I'm holding to that, but due to New Year's antics I'm making the return date for updates Thursday, January 3rd. I'm at least going to come close to my page goal, I think, but I, uh, haven't drawn the chapter cover yet, so I need to do that at some point this week. I think you guys are going to like the next chapter. It's pretty lighthearted and fun, for the most part.

To end this ramble, I haven't done a song in awhile, but the Christmas soundtrack this year is "Ho Ho Hopefully" by The Maine! Just...because.
Okay, so here's this.

I know a lot of you were expecting something less straightforward here, and I'm not saying that Aeron doesn't have a more in-depth plan than "beat him up", but this chapter desperately needed to end.

The next one will be returning to Riza and friends and the, uh, reintroduced Arashi.

HOWEVER. I had intended to have this chapter done 2 months ago and finish the next one before the end of the year, and that...clearly did not and is not happening.

So, I'm going to cut my losses and take the remainder of December off of updating in order to actually, like, maybe get ahead on the next chapter instead of working page to page and to build *gasp* a buffer.

My goal at the moment is to have the entire chapter sketched out and have at least 12 completed pages. To be clear, that is a lot to do in a month, but I have a little more time off work than usual due to the holidays so I'm hoping for the best.

In the meantime, I may post some filler stuff here, but I will definitely be trying to post various progress reports and snippets of what's coming on Twitter. If you use Twitter, you are highly encouraged to pester me over there @hazumirein about how things are coming. Please hold me accountable so I don't get demotivated and spend a month playing video games instead.

Anyway, barring social media shenanigans, I'll see you guys in January.
I don't know why, but I was struggling with this page. Anyway, sit tight, there's another one.
Happy belated Thanksgiving! I was planning to have a page that day but, uh, holiday shenanigans happened. So here it is.
I think these two were intended to just be villainous coworkers, but somewhere along the line they became exasperated friends.