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Hi, I'm Hazu. I like drawing comics sometimes.
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@I dont remember my last name: I actually work 3 jobs--1 full-time and 2 part-time, though one of the part-times is only in the summer. Even just the full-time job is 45+ hrs. a week though, and that's not counting the hour drive each way, so...yeah it's a lot.

I guess I don't HAVE to work that much, but I need money to pay bills and eat and buy things I want (not that I leave myself time to enjoy them)'s a dilemma |D
@Meoi Lass: Thank you!! I'm glad you're enjoying the comic so much :) Always nice to know I've gained a fan.
Iiii don't even think it's worth the "sorry I missed an update, I work a lot" explanation this time, but here it is anyway.

I've actually recently come to the conclusion that I think I do, in fact, work too much, and realized that I miss having time to draw and create things (like, literally almost all of the spare time I have that I can muster the energy to pick up a pencil/tablet pen goes to comic pages), and am trying to figure out what to do about that. I want to work on this, I want to draw other things, I want to animate, I want to get back to writing...but all of those require a lot of time and energy that are hard to come by when you're gone 10-12 hours a day and sometimes don't take a day off for weeks on end.

Anyway, in the meantime, I opened up a Society6 shop with some of my art available for purchase on various products. It's something I've been considering for awhile and I figured it wasn't going to hurt anything. There's not much up now, but I'll be adding more over time. I opted to focus specifically on monsters and my more creepy/horror-oriented stuff just...because it's fun to draw. Don't worry though, a lot of it is still going to be cutesy monsters. But, do me a favor and at least take a look, share it with anyone you might think would be interested, and if you see anything you like, please do not hesitate to hit the purchase button.
OKAY well at least I made up for Thursday?

After over a decade of drawing this thing, I finally took a few minutes to write down like...a sort of schedule for how often I'd like to finish a chapter. I decided on every 3 months. That's 4 per year--one by the end of March, one by end of June, one by end of September, and one by end of December--which is more or less my normal working pace anyway. (I mean, 2 pages is like 15+ hours out of my week, depending on complexity. This thing is like a part time job that I don't get paid for.) But, I figure that gives me a little room for missing updates--because I do--and still staying sort of on schedule I guess since I can make them up later. I guess? I don't know, I just wanted to actually write down a goal--it's on a sticky note on my computer so I see it all the time--in hopes that I'll like...keep to it. You guys can yell at me if I don't.

But, this chapter should only have a few more pages so there's no reason not to make that end of June goal.

On an entirely separate note, if there's ever been a chapter of DC I would like to see some people voice act, it's probably this one just because I think the humor and arguing in the background and such would just be much better read aloud.
I'M SORRY AGAIN sit tight for another page.
OKAY SO I definitely forgot to warn you guys that I was moving last weekend and would probably be short on comic drawing that happened. I've also been fighting with internet problems all week sooo that wasn't helping. ANYWAY I think I've got things sorted out now (well, mostly--my printer still refuses to let me use it as a scanner or do anything at all because one ink cartridge needs replaced...does anyone have any recommendations for scanners that are not printer combos and won't cost me an arm and a leg? This shit is getting old.)
I'M SORRY HERE'S A PAGE. Sit tight for another.

For some reason I thought it would be a funny gag to have this silly argument going on between Riza and Dae just kind of in the background...not sure if that worked out or not.
As it turns out, Riza is just as surprised as everyone else, and Arashi is terribly amused at the drama he's caused.
Guys, I...think we broke Dae.
OKAY so I was trying really hard NOT to fall behind on updates again but this week just got away from me :/

I am determined to get out a 2-page update at some point in the next week to catch up.

In other news, Dae...really doesn't seem to know how to process this revelation.
I really tried to have a page done for yesterday but was short, like, an hour or two. However, considering that I clocked something like 75 hours at work last week, it's a wonder I got anything else done at all.

I wanted reactions to vary at least a little among the group. Nirako and Xan are mildly confused; Luna isn't even surprised, just annoyed; Riza is quite shocked, and Dae is horrified.
SO I really felt like this or the last page would have been stupid to post alone, so I made the effort to do both so I could post them together.

Anyway. Yeah. That happened.
Hang on, one more page coming...
Alright, I've been waiting to ask this, but does anyone want to fathom a guess as to what's going on here?

In other news, I somehow managed to get my page numbers mixed up and saved this one as page 12 in my computer...thus overwriting the ACTUAL page 12. Good thing it was already uploaded, I guess. SIGH.

(To be clear, I saved over the normal file AND THE BACKUP COPY. ADHKFJDHFS.)
My favorite part of this page is definitely Dae's face in the second to last panel. Like, he didn't even realize she was there and the outburst of laughter actually made him jump.
An easy mistake to make?
So, I'm making an effort to manage my time better and actually schedule in time in my day to work on the comic, do housework, cook, watch TV, etc...I realized in trying that that these pages really only take a few hours if I, like, focus on them and schedule in breaks instead of trying to force myself to work straight through and failing and getting distracted. So that's interesting.

I don't think it's going to help much when I have those weeks where all I do is work and sleep, but for the times when my schedule is at least somewhat normal it may make a difference.

Yeah hey I'm still here.
I'm still alive. Just working a lot. We're really busy right now and my tax return was pretty disappointing, so I'm just putting in a lot of overtime right now. |D What else is new.
Luna is offended, Dae is regretting his decision to be a smartass, Nirako is mildly concerned, Riza is ignoring all of them.

The mom joke wasn't in the script, I added it last minute because it made me laugh.