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Just realized that Author's text is supposed to be blue.
. . .
Don't look at me like that, I have memory problems D: Erick will prove it.
What's this? What's this! There's white things in the air...
What ho, what's this? Actual foreshadowing? 'TIS IMPOSSIBLE.

In other news: Yeah, not so much of teh funnee here, but eh. Also, it seems to me that both my talent for editing sprites into new poses and Erick's own talents for photoshop have been improving even without practice. Hmm. Discuss.
At least three of my seven cats are like this...
It goes like this- The minor fall, the major lift...
Yeah, what he said (Lots of personal stuff for me too, actually, but not as much as his.)
Anyway, here's what happened.
The short version: My computer suffered Critical Existence Failure.
The long version: A goddamn Humiliation Conga. First, the primary hard-drive refuses to spin up when starting up. Ok, fine... So we unplug the secondary hard-drive, and that works for all hour. The primary promptly fries itself and then the secondary refuses to spin up. Upon repairing this... THE MOTHERFUCKING POWER SUPPLY FAILS. Which delays things even MORE because the one spare power supply we have isn't even REMOTELY compatible- it was literally a round peg to the square hole we had. So it's essentially two full days before my computer up and runs, now that we've got a shiny new power supply in place and running it off the reformatted secondary hard-drive, the first being fried beyond repair- and taking all the sprites with it, as well as a number of stories I was writing and all my college classwork. So now you know :D
Long story about why I lost all the sprites...Erick will give you the moral/personal parts, and I'll post the technical parts later.
Jesus. Fucking. CHRIST. I had no idea College would take away so very freaking much of my time so I could hardly work on the comic at all. Jumping Jesus on a Stick.

On the bright side! The next semester is starting up one reads this drivel D: So we dont really have anyone pushing us to work on it, anyway.


Caffienated Goodness shall live on. It will be like the odd great-grandfather at every family reunion- You love it to death but you don't talk to it because they say embarrassing things, and you wonder how in the hell it's still alive after 150 years.

There WILL be more comics. I promise thou this.

However, I have like 5 projects to work on right now so...don't expect them soon. UPdate Schedule is still Whenever The Hell We Feel Like It, but my girlfriend will probably spurr me on... :3
I like Justice. :3 He's my favorite character. For obvious reasons.
No, I dont know why one of his speechbubbles is incompletely filled in D: It looks fine in Paint. Hm.
Also, I apparently referenced Species by accident. SCORE!
Yeah, sowwy. College stuffs came up- for some reason my college didnt get my payment so we've been bunging around with it. Anyhoo, yes, we really are back, I've got a few comics almost ready :3 TALLYHO!
Call the children! Ring the bells!
Aaand we're back. Again.
For real this time.
Why are you staring at me like that?
No one missed us D=
On the one hand, that meant there were no mobs with torches and pitchforks and vats of bubbling tar and mounds of feathers to keelhaul us into posting.
On the other, no fans. D:
Oh well =D That'll change with time, probably, and even if it doesnt, we're gluttons for punishment.
We have begun a Prequel to Caffienated Goodness.
Industrial Goodness will be along shortly, and we have been hammering out something that vaguely resembles a schedule when viewed from a distance.
Tally ho!
Thus is introduced Justice.
He's...'speshul', lets just say.
Why is he named Justice, you may ask?
You'll find out later. Oh yes.
Revel in the mystery, my pawns. Revel.
Oh god dammit.
I JUST noticed that Dartan's speech box in Panel 4 doesnt have a border. D'OH!
Have done so, many thanks, Markus!
All readers, make sure you read his awesome, AWESOME comic, Mystery Sprite Theater!
Yes, yes it is. I have converted him to the ways of the Guyver Lover. >=D Oh, and if we ever find a unit- DIBS!
Ninja Ninja I am neenja I am Neeenjaaaaa!
Weeeee're baaaaaack!
Anyone miss us?
. . .
*crickets chirp*
*Tumbleweed blows by*
*In the distance, a lonely dog barks- ar-ar-arouuuuuuuu*
. . . Thats a yes =D
Anyway! We'll probably be gearing ourselves up slowly to our 'semi-regular' updating (See: Whenever We Get Hyper) and we will bring you teh funee. I hope my little tidbit of food fer thought in Filler= Sick made some of you consider what may or may not happen later in this comic. Aaaand I'm not tellin' >=D muahahaha.
Guyver = <3
Guyver is AWESOME.
If you do not know what Guyver is, you need to look it up, for you have missed out on one seriously bitchin' anime.
I want a Guyver, dammit...
GNyeaaargh. I so want to make the Christmas Mega-Comic, I really do, but its so damn huge...Its taking forever and a day! Mostly because I cant photoshop snow to save my, for the moment, its being put to the side so we can bring you *teh funeee*. Rejoice, our zombie army of readers! GO FORTH! DEVOUR BRAINS! BRING BACK SODAS!
My butt hurts.
Yeah yeah, I said Dartan would be my Author-Avatar.
Well, when we decided what would happen to Dartan later in the comics (You'll see later in foreshadowing. Spoooookey!),that wouldn't fly too well.
So, We had to find new sprites for me to have an Author avatar. This character will also be a key character in the comics' storyline, so keep your eyes peeled and watch the shadows.

In regards to the Christmas Mega-Comics- their 10 panels each. Yes, the normal comics are 5, and those normally take some time to do even when I DO have Erick's skill to lean back on for the special effects. Well, I don't anymore for the time being, because Erick's mom went Psycho-Bitch and confiscated his computer. So, the effects will be crappy-crappy-crappy. Just a warning.
Yeah, baby, yeah!
Welcome back, Senor Markus!
Oh god, that terrible musical. It haunts my dreams and makes me want to fuzz myself to death with my kittens. Who would just mewl and claw at my head. Ow. Great comic! Out of curiosity, do you do holiday comics at all? Christmas is close.
How can anyone see something wrong with your comics?
Its a homage to Mystery Science Theater, one of the greatest shows ever.
Therefore, by such logic, your comic is the greatest comic ever.
You've already PMed me about my and Chachoregard's comic and I already know your opinion about it, but if you ever want/need to, you're free to use any of our comics for material for yours. You dont even have to ask- just go right ahead.