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He Does, Honestly
He does have memory problems, I have to constantly remind him of things.

Anyways, I had, as you can see, a massive hand in subtle yet wundahful photoshop effects. Chalk that one to Rusty Photoshop Skills Save The Day!
So Yeah,
Ok, let's sort of count the ways we have forgotten have Caffeinated Goodness:

- College
- Video Games
- more Video Games
- TV Marathons
- A-Kon (Woo!)
- really personal stuff (especially me)
- Projects (especially me)

Those are just a couple of the overall parts that seem have to made us stopped CG in it's tracks, but after a while "We're going to do this, man" we finally got down to things. It may not seem like much, but trust us, it's a lot. But anyways, we are planning on ACTUALLY moving forward this time, no matter what may happen. But for now, we're going to leave you with this.

Until then!
Somehow he did
Some people are gonna love Justice and others are gonna say that Chacho and DL(Sometimes Kittytoaster) are total dicks to Justice.

either way, Justice is ":3"

Oh, right. the comic.
I said it all! I did! Not every single syllable, but I said it!
Yeh, we're back.

His Fault
It's his fault I've love Guyver.
Evil Bastards
Those Chozo Ghosts [i]ARE[/i] evil! O_O
No Idea
Well, if DL's hair was to be black, then there would be a color conflict with the sprites, and we don't want that. His clothing is already predominantly black.
*Inser Zelda Treasure Jingle*
And we are back. *AIRHUMP*
Gratuitious Toad Violence
HAPPY FRIGGIN' HALLOWEEN! *Eats Halloween Candy*

Chachoregard - Pyramid Head
Toad - Luigi
Chad - Zombie
Erick - 8-bit Megaman
Dartan - Eight Man After
Dark Link - Link
I'm a Toad Hater, But Who Isn't?
I just don't like Toad. If anyone has played Mario Kart 64, and you always had Toad behind your ass, waiting for you to screw up. His damn little "Yahoo!" pissed me off. VERY EARLY we decided that Toad shall be the punching bag.

Yoou gotta have a whipping boy!
Last night, we were both....overly hyper. See, we're on the belief when the Full Moon comes out, we're a HELL of a lot active. So yeah. There's my explanation for it. It was I who coined the term "Randomness Must Flow" from the same quote, "Spice Must Flow" from that movie...I forget, Dune?


Enjoy, suckahs.
Dude, I'm loving these comics! Keep it up, man! XD
I apologize, for shit came up and I had to. Stuff, just....happens when you're 17 and are a Webcomic Author/ Fiction Writer/ Caffinista
Damn Bunny
That bunny shoulda been dead after ingesting THAT much copper, insulation, plastic and other stuff...I'm serious, there should have been Fried Bunny by now!