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Hey guys, I'm Han!
I'm pansexual and I really like to draw!
Starting my first webcomic soon.
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Stardust Destiny
Welcome to Stardust Destiny, the story of two girls, destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy A boy, orphaned and left with nothing but a dream A princess, trying to protect her kingdom from destruction. About how their stories collided, and how their destinies began to take form.

Belongs to partiallystars 2017-2018
Here's Saturday's update! Thanks for reading!
Here's my Friday update, even though I updated yesterday. Screw any kind of system I thought I had! Here's another page.
Then Came the War
This is Friday's early update!
Yes, the art is supposed to have a childish feel. This isn't gonna be the actual art style.
Stardust Destiny | 2017 © partiallystars/Han Post
Hey everyone! Here's the first page of my webcomic!
Updates will be on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for the rest of the summer.
Stardust Destiny | 2017 © partiallystars/Han Post
@EmmahPearlmethyst??: Nice name
why can I relate so well to Devon right here
More information
Hi. Here's a little update on this webcomic. It will start on the 26th of May and will update Fridays and Saturdays. Thanks to everyone interested in my art, and in this comic.
It's always the seniors
I agree, those god damn seniors.
Stardust Destiny
Hey everyone, welcome to Stardust Destiny, my new webcomic!
This is a story about two sisters trapped on an alien planet racing to save the universe, aided by the help of their new friends.
Starting at some point May or June, depending on how school stuff works out for me. Will update on Saturdays.

Stardust Destiny belongs to me
Randy and Colette. They need some love :)
here I am rereading everything
I actually kinda want to know why she has tampons though if she doesn't need them.
@Vuker: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Although sometimes it's a little funky. (like sometimes she uploads at 6 pm on a Thursday)
Glad you're doing better <3

Now I've got another reason to be excited for October! Can't wait to see this comic start up again, it's felt like years since it last updated.
haha, dysphoria. Fun. :) (kms I know this feeling all too well)
he nyooms like sanic
this is pure gold